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Tom Jolly is a board game inventor.


Tom Jolly's games include Wiz-War , Drakon , Cavetroll , Light Speed, Camelot, Cargo, and he co-designed DiskWars and Vortex/Maelstrom. [1] Additional games he has designed include Gootmu , Knots , WayWord , and Got It! .[ citation needed ] The publisher of Wiz-War, Chessex, printed the fourth through the 7th editions of Wiz-War.The seventh edition, came out in 1997. [2] The eighth edition was released by publisher Fantasy Flight Games in 2012. [3] The first expansion set, Malefic Curses, came out in January 2014. [4] The ninth edition will be released by Steve Jackson Games . [5] [6]

Fantasy Flight Games published Jolly's DiskWars game in 1998, and a later fusion of the game was made with Alderac Entertainment Group's Rokugan setting resulting in DiskWars: Legend of the Five Rings (2000), and another mashup with Pinnacle Entertainment Group's Deadlands which resulted in Doom Town Range Wars (2000). [7] In January 2014, Diskwars was yet again revived in the form of Warhammer:Diskwars, combining Diskwars mechanics with the Warhammer fantasy world.

Tom Jolly has also written several short Science Fiction and Fantasy stories published by a variety of on-line and paper magazines. He has also designed over 40 puzzles, produced by a number of companies and woodcrafters around the world. [8]

Jolly lives in California with his wife, having retired from his career as an electrical engineer. [1]

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