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Tom Byam Shaw
Bornc. 1988
Years active2006-present

Tom Byam Shaw (also known as Tom Purbeck, Tag Stewart, and Tom Stewart) [1] is an English actor. The son of producer Matthew Byam Shaw and actor Melanie Thaw, [2] and grandson of actor Sheila Hancock, [3] Byam Shaw studied acting at The Neighborhood Playhouse School of the Theatre in New York City.



Stewart won his role in A Room with a View within minutes of auditioning, while on his gap year before university. The casting directors have called him "a real star in the making." [4]

Select filmography

2007 The Bill Tom RyanEpisode 480
First aired 8 February 2007
A Room with a View Freddy Honeychurch [5] First aired 4 November 2007


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