Tom Yuill

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Tom Yuill
Curling clubAvondale Heather CC
Skip Hugh Nielson
Third Watson Yuill
Second Tom Yuill
Lead Andrew Wilson

Tom Yuill was the second man on the Avondale Heather CC (from Strathaven, Scotland) during the World Curling Championships known as the 1960 Scotch Cup. [1]

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World Curling Federation international sport governing body

The World Curling Federation (WCF) is the world governing body for curling accreditation, with offices in Perth, Scotland. It was formed out of the International Curling Federation (ICF), when the push for Olympic Winter Sport status was made. The name was changed in 1990.

World Junior Curling Championships international junior curling event

The World Junior Curling Championships are an annual curling bonspiel featuring the world's best curlers who are 21 years old or younger. The competitions for both men and women occur at the same venue. The men's tournament has occurred since 1975 and the women's since 1988. Since curling became an Olympic sport in 1998, the World Junior Curling Championship of the year preceding the Olympic Games have been held at the site of the curling tournament for the upcoming Games.

The European Curling Championships are annual curling tournaments held in Europe between various European nations. The European Curling Championships are usually held in early to mid December. The tournament also acts as a qualifier for the World Championships, where the top eight nations qualify.

Torger Nergård Norwegian curler

Torger Nergård, also spelled Nergaard is a Norwegian curler from Oslo.

The World Senior Curling Championships is an annual curling tournament featuring curlers from around the world who are at least 50 years old. Matches at the World Senior Championships are played in 8 ends played instead of the 10 played in most international events.

John Yuill, is a right-handed former professional tennis player from South Africa. He enjoyed most of his tennis success while playing doubles. During his career he won 2 doubles titles.

The World Wheelchair Curling Championship is an annual world championship held to determine the world's best team in wheelchair curling. It is held every non-Paralympic year.

2011 World Mens Curling Championship

The 2011 World Men's Curling Championship was held in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada from April 2–10, 2011. In the final, Jeff Stoughton skipped the Canadian rink to a 6–5 victory over Scotland's Tom Brewster. The gold medal was Stoughton's second and Canada's 33rd gold medal at the world.

The World Mixed Doubles Curling Championships are annual curling tournaments featuring the world's best teams of mixed doubles curlers.

Thomas Brewster, Jr. is a Scottish curler from Aberdeen, Scotland. He is currently the coach of the Sophie Jackson women's team.

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Watson Yuill was the third man on the Avondale Heather CC during the World Curling Championships known as the 1960 Scotch Cup.

Greg Drummond is a Scottish curler from Stirling.

Michael Goodfellow is a Scottish curler who currently throws lead rocks for the Ross Paterson rink.

Kyle Waddell is a Scottish curler. He plays on third position in the team of Ross Paterson.

Ross Paterson is a Scottish curler. He currently skips his own team on the World Curling Tour.

Tom Violette is an American curler.

Thomas R. "Tom" Wilson is a Canadian curler. He is a 1980 World Men's champion and a 1980 Brier champion.


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