Tommy Lane

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Tommy Lane
Birth nameTommy Lee Jones [1]
Born Tennessee [1]
Professional wrestling career
Ring name(s) DJ RPM [1]
Jeff Gouldie [2]
Mongolian Stomper Jr. [2]
Tommy Lane [2]
Tommy Rogers [2]
Billed weight229 lb (104 kg; 16.4 st) [1]
Debut1981 [1]

Tommy Lee Jones is an American retired professional wrestler, better known by his ring name, Tommy Lane. Lane is best known for his appearances in Southern United States professional wrestling promotions as Tommy Lane, one-half of the tag team the Rock 'n' Roll RPMs with Mike Davis. [2]


Professional wrestling career

Early career

Jones started wrestling in the NWA's Central States promotion in 1981 under the name Tommy Rogers (not to be confused with the Tommy Rogers of the Fantastics tag team). In the summer of 1984, he and Marty Jannetty formed a duo called the Uptown Boys, and twice won the NWA Central States Tag Team Championship.

Jones also wrestled as Jeff Gouldie, the (kayfabe) son of Archie Gouldie, who also competed as the Mongolian Stomper. This storyline also allowed Jones to adopt the in-ring nickname Mongolian Stomper, Jr. [2]

Rock 'n' Roll RPMs

Using the Tommy Lane moniker, Jones made his way to World Class Championship Wrestling, which at the time was still affiliated with the NWA. He started a tag team with Mike Davis called the Rock 'n' Roll RPMs. [2] They had feuds with several tag teams, including another "Rock 'n' Roll" pairing known as The Rock 'n' Roll Express. The RPMs feuded with The Fantastics over the WCWA Tag Team Championship, as well, but were unable to win the title.

The RPMs then competed in the CWA in Memphis, where they won the AWA Southern Tag Team Championship twice, and feuded with The Midnight Rockers. Teaming with Cactus Jack, the Rock-n-Roll RPMs lost a six-man match against Hector, Chavo, and Mando Guerrero at the only AWA pay-per-view, SuperClash III. [2]

After the demise of World Class, the RPMs moved on to World Championship Wrestling, where they were used as jobbers.

Tommy Lane later formed a tag team with "Big" Bobby Jones known as The NEW RPMs for Central All-Star Wrestling. [2] the original rpms were managed in the Memphis organization by downtown bruno( Bruno Lauer)

Championships and accomplishments

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