Tommy Scott (English musician)

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Tommy Scott
Birth nameThomas Scott
Born (1964-02-18) 18 February 1964 (age 58)
Liverpool, England
Occupation(s)Singer, songwriter
InstrumentsGuitar, bass guitar
Years active1984–present
LabelsAntipop Records
Associated acts Space, the Drellas, Tommy Scott & the Red Scare, Hello Sunset, The Australians

Thomas Scott (born 18 February 1964) is an English singer, songwriter and musician. He is the lead singer and guitarist of the Liverpool band Space. Scott started out as the band's bassist, but switched to guitar after David "Yorkie" Palmer joined in 1997, partly so that he could concentrate on vocals. Prior to Space, he has played in various Liverpool bands, such as the Substitutes (with Jamie Murphy), Hello Sunset and the Australians (with Franny Griffiths, who later became Space's keyboardist). Following Space's original breakup in 2005, Scott formed The Drellas, which in 2011 morphed into the current line-up of Space after Griffiths rejoined the band.


On 22 November 2020, Scott released his debut solo album Marionette under the moniker The Thomas Scott Quintet. [1]


Scott was born in Liverpool. He lived in Everton until he was five, when his family moved to the Cantril Farm Estate, now Stockbridge Village. [2] Scott's father, a former Ford factory worker, died of cancer in 1995, an event which would later inspire "Avenging Angels". Scott grew up with a love of films, rock and roll and punk, all of which has informed his writing.

Around the early 1980s, Scott enrolled on a course for unemployed musicians in Northern England, alongside Mike Badger, John Power and Lee Mavers, all of whom would later become members of The La's. In 1984, Scott formed his first group, Porcelain Touch, whose lineup included keyboard player Franny Griffiths, who later changed their name to Hello Sunset. By 1987, Hello Sunset had morphed into The Australians, and their songs "Sadie" and "The Girl Who Loved Her Man Enough Too Kill Him" were included on the Vinyl Virgins and Hit the North compilations, respectively.

In 1993, Scott formed Space with Jamie Murphy and Andy Parle, with Griffiths joining a year later. [3] When the band toured the United States for the first time in 1997, Scott lost his voice for two months due to stress, and the band subsequently had to cancel their tour. Scott stated that after trying numerous kinds of therapies and cures, he saw a psychic, Billy Roberts, who was able to predict the exact date his voice would come back. [4]

Space split in 2005, and Scott formed the Drellas, [5] the original line-up of which included Space's then drummer Leon Caffrey, and Phil Hartley — who had previously worked with Space as a producer and technician — on bass. The Drellas then morphed into Tommy Scott & the Red Scare, featuring Scott, Hartley and two new members, Allan Jones (drums) and Ryan Clarke (keyboards), as well as a saxophone player. Hartley, Jones and Clarke would all later join the new line-up of Space, when the band reformed in 2011, following the death of Andy Parle two years earlier. Both Scott [6] and Murphy [7] admitted to having fallen out with each other, but were on amicable terms by the time the band reunited.

On 22 November 2020, Scott released his debut solo album Marionette under the moniker The Thomas Scott Quintet. [1]


Although Scott cites films and cartoons such as Speedy Gonzales as his main influences, [8] musically, his influences include Cypress Hill, Frank Sinatra, Elvis Presley – as referenced in 'A Liddle Biddy Help From Elvis', from Tin Planet – and the Slits. [9] As a teenager, he frequented Eric's [9] and saw several bands that would go on to influence him, such as the Au Pairs and Spizz Energi.


Scott has used the following equipment: [10]

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<i>Suburban Rock n Roll</i> 2004 studio album by Space

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"If Its Real" is the Liverpool-based band Space's debut single, released only on 12" vinyl in 1993 under a restriction of 500 copies. The sleeve was contained with a fortune fish, which fans believed it was supposed to predict the band's future. There are a few signed copies available with the amusing message 'Where the fuck did you get this from, you cunt?', a reference to the fact that the band has disowned the record and do not own a copy themselves.

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<i>Attack of the Mutant 50ft Kebab</i> 2014 studio album by Space

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<i>Marionette</i> (album) 2020 studio album by The Thomas Scott Quintet

Marionette is the debut album by The Thomas Scott Quintet, the solo project of Tommy Scott, frontman of the band Space. The album was released on November 22, 2020, and was made available to stream on December 11 that year.

<i>Give Me Your Future</i> 2017 studio album by Space

Give Me Your Future is the fifth studio album by Space, and their first full-length release following the departure of organist Ryan Clarke in 2014. The album was crowdfunded through the site PledgeMusic. Early copies of the album were given away at Space's concert at the Arts Club, Liverpool on 22 December 2017, released through their manager Mark Cowley's label Mulü, and was made available to stream on December 4, 2020.


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