Tomorrow's Child

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Tomorrow´s Child
Origin Los Angeles, California, United States
Genres Hard rock
Glam metal
Progressive rock
Heavy metal
Years active1987–1992
Labels Arista Records Dream Circle Records
Associated actsEngines of Aggression, Womb Music, Margaret Tang
Rik Schaffer
Craig Dollinger
Steve Resnick

Tomorrow´s Child is an American progressive rock hard rock and glam metal band. The band formed in 1987 in Los Angeles, California and were signed to Arista Records.


Tomorrow´s Child had the same line-up throughout the band´s existence, featuring future Engines of Aggression [1] members Rik Schaffer and Craig Dollinger along with vocalist Adam and bassist Steve Resnick.

Tomorrow´s Child first appeared on record with one song on the 1988 Metal Blade compilation Street Survivors which had songs from 10 of the best LA club bands at the time, including also Little Caesar (band) and Bang Tango. [2] Soon after, the band was signed by Arista Records and started recording with producer Jim Cregan of Rod Stewart and Quireboys fame. The recordings with Cregan were rejected by Arista A&R staff and not released until they found their way to the band´s second album Rocky Coast, Rough Sea in 1996.

Eventually, Tomorrow´s Child were released from Arista and could go back to playing clubs and record new songs. The band broke up in mid-1992 after recording the bulk of what would become their first album the following year. In addition to 7 songs from the 1992 sessions, their 1993 debut on Germany´ Dream Circle Records label also includes 6 demos from various sessions in 1989-90. (Source - Jon Sutherland´s liner notes to the self-titled album)

The British Metal Forces magazine described the band in 1989 in the following way "Tomorrow’s Child are the bastard sons of U2, but with a whole lot more attitude and street credibility". [3]





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