Ton Steine Scherben discography

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This following is a list of the work released by German rock band Ton Steine Scherben. It is currently missing the (few) singles issued by the band.


Studio albums


Live albums

The following albums were issued after the band ceased recording:


In 2006 the studio albums were re-issued, digitally remastered. Those parts of the last two studio albums for which the original recording session tapes remained in existence (about half of them having been destroyed in a fire) were also remixed, since the band had always been unhappy with quality of the original mixes. The packaging was made of paper instead of plastic, to resemble the original LP-wrapping. The box included 8 copies of original posters and an 80-page book with a short history of the band.

A year earlier, the CD "18 songs and 15 years" was published. The CD contained unreleased material, also digitally remastered.

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