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Tonight on Broadway was a weekly television show that ran from 1948 to 1950 on the CBS Television network. It premiered on April 6, 1948 and was the first program to be broadcast over the newly formed CBS network.


The show, which was developed by Martin A. Gosch, aired excerpts from Broadway shows live from the theaters in which they were playing. The show was hosted by John Mason Brown, who was the president of the New York Drama Critics' Circle.

John Mason Brown was an American drama critic and author.

The New York Drama Critics' Circle is made up of 19 drama critics from daily newspapers, magazines and wire services based in the New York City metropolitan area.

The first show, on April 6, 1948, featured the original Broadway cast of the musical Lend an Ear .

<i>Lend an Ear</i> musical

Lend an Ear is a musical revue with a book, music, and lyrics by Charles Gaynor and additional sketches by Joseph Stein and Will Glickman.

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