Tontilla taas

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Tontilla taas
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Studio album by Nopsajalka
Released 2006
Language Finnish
Label Monsp Records
Nopsajalka chronology
Tontilla taas
5 sormee
(2009) 5 sormee2009

Tontilla taas is the debut solo studio album by Finnish musician Nopsajalka. [1] Released in October 2006, the album peaked at number 32 on the Finnish Albums Chart. [2]

Antti Ilmari Hakala, professionally known as Nopsajalka, is a Finnish musician and producer. Aside from his solo career, he has been a member of the bands Elokuu, Soul Captain Band and Kapteeni Ä-ni. To date, Nopsajalka has released five studio albums.

The Official Finnish Charts are national record charts in Finland composed by Musiikkituottajat – IFPI Finland. The name Suomen virallinen lista/Finlands officiella lista, which is singular in both Finnish and Swedish, is used generically to refer to both the albums and the singles chart, and the context reveals which chart is meant.


Track listing

1."Tuli talos" (featuring Raappana)3:30
2."Haluun takas"2:42
3."Tontilla taas" (featuring Super Janne)3:46
4."Luonnollinen nainen"2:29
5."Omaa juttuu" (featuring Jodarok)3:34
7."Parhaat bileet" (featuring Mariska)2:36
8."Aitoo kamaa (Oikea rakkaus ei odota)"3:18
9."Hyvää huolta"3:03
11."Lisää liekkii"3:13
12."Hyvää elämää" (featuring Paarma) 


Chart (2006)Peak
Finnish Albums (Suomen virallinen lista) [2] 32

Release history

Region Date Format Label
Finland 2006 CD, LP Monsp Records

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