Tony LeVier Flight Test Safety Award

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Tony LeVier
Flight Test Safety Award
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Tony LeVier Trophy
Awarded forContribution to flight test safety
LocationLancaster, California
CountryFlag of the United States.svg  United States
Presented byThe Society of Experimental Test Pilots; Gentex Corporation
First awarded1999 (1999)
Website SETP

The Tony LeVier Flight Test Safety Award, named in honor of test pilot Tony LeVier, was established by the Flight Test Safety Committee to pay recognition to people who have significantly contributed to the safety of flight test operations. This annual award, which can be presented to an individual or team is presented by Gentex Corporation at the Society of Experimental Test Pilots at their annual awards banquet.


To be considered for the award, nominees must have contributed in a significant way to the flight test safety community over a period of time. The nominee must have made a singular safety achievement involved in the saving of human life, a flight test program or test aircraft, and may be nominated only where safety rules were not broken.

Past recipients

Recipients of the SETP Tony LeVier Flight Test Safety Award include: [1]

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