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Antony David Saint (born 1968, west Northumberland, England) is an English novelist, playwright and screenwriter. [1]


Early life

He had contact with the theatre through the People's Theatre in Heaton. Whilst at university he was guitarist in a rock band The Little Caesars. [2] In 1993, he joined the UK Immigration Service where he worked for ten years. He later wrote a book, Refusal Shoes, based on this experience. [3]


His credits include 2009's Micro Men (about the men and development stories behind the BBC and Sinclair home computers), [4] the 2008 The Long Walk to Finchley (on the early career of Margaret Thatcher), [5] and one episode of The Whistleblowers in 2007 for ITV. He also wrote the 2006 TV play Service . In 2012 he wrote The Interceptor , which was broadcast on BBC One.

He will write the forthcoming Das Boot miniseries.

Personal life

He was married in April 1998 in Northumberland.


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