Too Much Happiness

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Too Much Happiness
Too Much Happiness cover.jpg
First edition cover design
Author Alice Munro
GenreShort story collection
Publisher Douglas Gibson Books
Publication date
25 August 2009
Media typePrint (hardcover)
Pages320 pp
ISBN 978-0-7710-6529-3
OCLC 317743569

Too Much Happiness is a short story collection by Canadian writer Alice Munro, published on August 25, 2009 by McClelland and Stewart's Douglas Gibson Books imprint. [1] The title story is a fictional retelling of the life of the 19th century Russian mathematician and writer Sofia Kovalevskaya. The book comprehends overall ten short stories. [2] Each of them narrates some scenes of a life which outline the core of existence of the protagonist.


There are 10 stories in total: Dimensions, Fiction, Wenlock Edge, Deep-Holes, Free Radicals , Face, Some Women, Child's Play, Wood, and the titular story. [2]

Dimensions focuses on a young girl, Doree, and her relationship with an abusive older man, Lloyd.

Fiction focuses on a woman, Joyce, and her grappling with changing relationships.

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