Tool Box (Calexico album)

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Tool Box
Studio album by
Genre Americana, indie rock, Tex-Mex, post-rock
Label Our Soil, Our Strength

Tool Box is a compilation of instrumental songs by Arizona indie rock band Calexico. Released in 2007, the album was made available to purchase during their tour, and eventually, on their official website. Aside from a version of "The News About William" (w/ vocals) on 2008's Carried To Dust, none of these songs were ever released on any of their official studio albums.

Arizona U.S. state in the United States

Arizona is a state in the southwestern region of the United States. It is also part of the Western and the Mountain states. It is the sixth largest and the 14th most populous of the 50 states. Its capital and largest city is Phoenix. Arizona shares the Four Corners region with Utah, Colorado, and New Mexico; its other neighboring states are Nevada and California to the west and the Mexican states of Sonora and Baja California to the south and southwest.

Indie rock is a genre of rock music that originated in the United States and United Kingdom in the 1970s. Originally used to describe independent record labels, the term became associated with the music they produced and was initially used interchangeably with alternative rock. As grunge and punk revival bands in the US and Britpop bands in the UK broke into the mainstream in the 1990s, it came to be used to identify those acts that retained an outsider and underground perspective. In the 2000s, as a result of changes in the music industry and the growing importance of the Internet, some indie rock acts began to enjoy commercial success, leading to questions about its meaningfulness as a term.

Calexico (band) American indie rock band

Calexico is a Tucson, Arizona-based Americana, Tex-Mex, indie rock band. The band's two main members, Joey Burns and John Convertino, first played together in Los Angeles as part of the group Giant Sand. They have recorded a number of albums on Quarterstick Records, while their 2005 EP In the Reins, recorded with Iron & Wine, has reached the Billboard 200 album charts. Their musical style is influenced by traditional Latin sounds of mariachi, conjunto, cumbia, and tejano mixed with country, jazz, and post-rock.


Track listing

  1. "Above The Branch" (Burns, Convertino)
  2. "When Bellows Crack" (Burns, Convertino)
  3. "Lo-Fi Moon" (Burns)
  4. "Barcelona Mosaico" (Burns, Convertino)
  5. "Hair Like Spanish Moss" (Burns)
  6. "Vinyassa" (Convertino)
  7. "The News About William" (Burns, Convertino)
  8. "The Road Back" (Burns, Convertino)
  9. "In The Quiet" (Burns)
  10. "Maria Chuchena" (Burns)
  11. "Waitomo" (Burns, Convertino)
  12. "Detroit Steam" (Burns, Convertino)
  13. "Departure In F Minor" (Burns)
  14. "When Only The Ashes Are Left" (Burns, Convertino)



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