Top of the Food Chain

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Top of the Food Chain
Theatrical poster
Directed by John Paizs
Produced bySuzanne L. Berger
Jana Edelbaum
Written byPhil Bedard
Larry Lalonde
Starring Campbell Scott
Fiona Loewi
Tom Everett Scott
Music byDavid Krystal
CinematographyBill Wong
Edited byBert Kish
Distributed by Red Sky Entertainment
Release date
  • 1999 (1999)
Running time
99 minutes

Top of the Food Chain is a 1999 Canadian comedy-horror film directed by John Paizs and starring Campbell Scott, Fiona Loewi, and Tom Everett Scott. A parody of alien invasion movies of the 1950s, it was released on video in the United States under the title Invasion!

The film revolves around a vacationing atomic scientist who encounters mysterious carnivorous beings disguised as traveling salesmen who are feeding on the eccentric population of the small isolated town of Exceptional Vista. [1]

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