Topaze (1936 film)

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Directed by Marcel Pagnol
Produced byMarcel Pagnol
Written byMarcel Pagnol (play)
Starring Alexandre Arnaudy
Sylvia Bataille
Pierre Asso
Music by Vincent Scotto
Cinematography Albert Assouad
Les Films Marcel Pagnol
Release date
Language French

Topaze is a 1936 French comedy film directed by Marcel Pagnol and starring Alexandre Arnaudy, Sylvia Bataille and Pierre Asso. [1] It is based on the Pagnol's own 1928 play Topaze . A separate adaptation Topaze had been directed by Louis J. Gasnier three years earlier.



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<i>Mr. Topaze</i> 1961 film

Mr. Topaze is Peter Sellers' directorial debut in 1961. Starring Sellers, Nadia Gray, Leo McKern, and Herbert Lom. His son Michael Sellers plays in the film in the role of Gaston. The film is based on the eponymous play by Marcel Pagnol.

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Topaze is a 1933 American pre-Code film directed by D'Abbadie D'Arrast and starring John Barrymore and Myrna Loy. It was based on the 1928 French play of the same name by Marcel Pagnol. Another film version of Topaze, this one made in the original French was also released that year, starring Louis Jouvet in the title role. Subsequently, Pagnol himself directed another film titled Topaze in 1936.

Topaze is a 1928 play in four acts by the French writer Marcel Pagnol. It tells the story of a modest school teacher who is fired for being too honest and decides to become a dishonest businessman. The play premiered on 9 October 1928 at the Théâtre des Variétés. It was performed on Broadway in 1930 with Frank Morgan in the title role.

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Topaze may refer to:

Yvette Etiévant (1922–2003) was a French actress. She starred in Yves Robert's War of the Buttons in 1962.

<i>Topaze</i> (1951 film)

Topaze is a 1951 French comedy film directed by Marcel Pagnol and starring Fernandel, Hélène Perdrière and Marcel Vallée. It is based on Pagnol's own 1928 play of the same name, which has been adapted for the screen a number of times including a 1936 film directed by Pagnol.

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The Three Musketeers is a 1959 French TV film based on a play adaptation of the 1844 novel by Alexandre Dumas. It is notable for featuring Jean Paul Belmondo in the lead.

Raymond Paul Legrand was a French composer and conductor.

<i>Topaze</i> (1933 French film)

Topaze is a 1933 French comedy film directed by Louis J. Gasnier and starring Louis Jouvet, Simone Héliard and Marcel Vallée. It is based on the 1928 play Topaze by Marcel Pagnol. The same year, an American version of the play Topaze was released, starring John Barrymore. In 1936, Pagnol himself remade the film in France.

Alexandre Arnaudy was a French actor, born Marius Guarino on July 17, 1881 in Marseille, where he died on November 1, 1969.

Topaze is a 1966 Australian TV play based on the 1928 play by the French writer Marcel Pagnol.

<i>Topaze</i> (<i>Playhouse 90</i>) 3rd episode of the second season of Playhouse 90

Topaze was an American television play broadcast on September 26, 1957, as part of the second season of the CBS television series Playhouse 90. Ellis St. Joseph wrote the teleplay based on Marcel Pagnol's 1928 play, Topaze. Vincent J. Donehue directed, Martin Manulis was the producer, and Robert Drasnin composed the music. Sterling Hayden was the host, and Ernie Kovacs and Carl Reiner starred.


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