Topless Women Talk About Their Lives

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Topless Women Talk About Their Lives
Directed by Harry Sinclair
Written by Harry Sinclair
Starring Danielle Cormack
Distributed by New Zealand Film Commission
Release date
Country New Zealand
Language English

Topless Women Talk About Their Lives is a 1997 New Zealand film about a group of twenty something friends. It was based on a TV series. [1]

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Andrew studied dramatic arts at college in the 80's and went directly from there to playing ‘Brad’ in the 1986 national tour of ‘The Rocky Horror Show’ around New Zealand. Cast members of that tour included former New Zealand Prime Minister Sir Robert Muldoon and a young Russel Crowe. Andrew toured Rocky Horror again in 1988 in the national tour of Australia and performed at the World Expo in Brisbane on the River Stage to an estimated audience of over 15,000 people.

<i>Topless Women Talk About Their Lives</i> (soundtrack) 1997 compilation album

Topless Women Talk About Their Lives is the soundtrack to the New Zealand film, Topless Women Talk About Their Lives. It was released alongside the film by Flying Nun Records.

Oliver Driver is a New Zealand actor, director, broadcaster and television presenter.

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Not Given Lightly song performed by Chris Knox

"Not Given Lightly" is a song by New Zealand singer-songwriter Chris Knox. It was released in 1989 and is among Knox's best known songs. While the song did not chart when originally released in 1989, it has since become well known from its use in New Zealand film and television productions, especially in a television advertisement for Vogel's bread in 2007.


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