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"District Heating Sofia" is the district heating company in Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria. It is the oldest and largest district heating network in Bulgaria (and, according to the company's website, on the Balkan Peninsula), brought into use in 1949 with the opening of the first combined heat and power plant – TEC Sofia. [1] 

Toplofikatsiya Sofia is a single-member JSC and holds a monopoly on heat distribution in the city. As of 2012, the company has a hot water and steam distribution network of over 950 km throughout the city [2] [3] (slide 3) and has over 430 000 clients. [4] (p. 15)


The company has four power stations – two cogeneration plants, and two heat-only boiler stations

NameHeat energy capacity
Heat energy output (2011)
Electric capacity
Electric output (2011)
TEC Sofia 1 790 [5] 1 170 000 [6] 125315 000 [6] 1949 [1] -
TEC Sofia East 2 010 [5] 1 860 000 [6] 186650 000 [6] 1964 [1] -
OC Zemlyane 580 [5] 930 000 [6] 1972 [1] -
OC Lyulin 580 [5] 550 000 [6] 1977 [1] -
Total5 000 [2] [7] 5 100 000 [6] [7] 280 [7] 1 020 000 [6] -

The company also has several temporary boiler stations throughout the city, which are usually only used during the winter months.

As of February 2013, part of the 2013 Bulgarian protests are aimed at the business model employed by Toplofikatsiya Sofia, with protesters complaining about high bills and lack of transparency in the company's practices. [8] [9] [10] [11] [12]

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Plamen Goranov Bulgarian rights activist

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Toplofikatsiya Ruse is the district heating company in the city of Ruse in Northern Bulgaria. As of 2011, the company is owned by Russian company Mechel.

Toplofikatsiya Plovdiv is the district heating company in the city of Plovdiv in Southern Bulgaria. It is one of the largest district heating networks in the country, also supplying heat energy to the town of Asenovgrad, around 10 km to the southeast, and serves a total of 35 000 customers.

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Sotir Tsatsarov

Sotir Stefanov Tsatsarov is a Bulgarian jurist who has been serving as the chief prosecutor of Bulgaria since December 2012. Tsatsarov allegedly owes his appointment to Delyan Peevski, a media mogul and member of Bulgaria's Parliament, and Prime Minister Boyko Borisov. His time in office has been overshadowed by controversial investigations of political opposition leaders, famous businessmen, and independent media. Prominent Bulgarian jurists, including the heads of Bulgaria's main appellate courts, have asked for his resignation.


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