Tor Arne Bell Ljunggren

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Tor Arne Bell Ljunggren (born 6 June 1962) is a Norwegian politician for the Labour Party.

He served as a deputy representative to the Parliament of Norway from Nordland during the term 20132017. [1] He hails from Bodø.

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Events in the year 1926 in Norway.

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Viking won the Norwegian Cup after beating Haugar 2–1 on 21 October 1979. The goal scorers for Viking were Bjarne Berntsen who scored a penalty in the 55th minute and Jens Egil Vikanes who scored in the 62nd minute. For Haugar, Dean Mooney scored in the 25th minute. This was the first time two teams from Rogaland met in a national final. Viking's official report stated that Haugar were the best team for large parts of the match. However, once Svein Kvia send a probing ball to give Jens Vikanes a goal, the game was secured for Viking.

Lillestrøm won the Norwegian Cup after beating Moss 3-1 on 25 October. The goal scorers for Lillestrøm were André Krogsæter in the 16th minute, Tom Lund in the 32nd minute (penalty), and Gunnar Lønstad in the 49th minute. For Moss, Stein Kollshaugen scored in the 89th minute. This was the third time Lillestrøm won a Norwegian Cup. 22 895 spectators attended the game at Ullevål Stadion. The referee was Jan Erik Olsen.

Brann won the Norwegian Cup after beating Molde 3–2 on 24 October. The goal scorers were Geir Austvik after 17 minutes, Ingvar Dalhaug after 42 minutes and Neil MacLeod after 58 minutes. For Molde, Rune Ulvestad scored in the 21st minute, and Steinar Henden scored in the 37th minute. Øyvind Pettersen was sent off for Brann in the 88th minute. 24,000 spectators watched the match at Ullevål stadion in Oslo. The referee was Torbjørn Aass. This was Brann's fifth Norwegian Cup.

Lillestrøm won the Norwegian Cup after beating Vålerenga 4–1 on 20 October 1985. The goal scorer for Lillestrøm was André Krogsæter, who scored four times, in the 26th, 34th, 74th and 85th minute. For Vålerenga, Vidar Davidsen scored in the 85th minute.

The Norwegian Football Cup 1986 was won by Tromsø IL after they beat Lillestrøm in the cup final.

Bryne won the Norwegian Cup after beating Brann 1-0. The goal scorer for Bryne was Kolbjørn Ekker, who scored in the 104th minute. Knut Arild Løberg of Brann got the only yellow card. 23080 spectators attended the game at Ullevaal Stadion. This was the first Norwegian Cup in Bryne's history. Bjarne Berntsen captained Bryne to the victory against Brann. Before the match, he said: "I hope the best team win... against Brann!" Kjell Nordby of Rygge was the referee.

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Tor Torgersen was a Norwegian long-distance runner. He specialized in the longest track distances, 5000 and 10,000 metres, as well as cross-country running and from around 1960 the marathon, in which he also competed at that year's Olympic Games. On the track he became national champion in two events in 1959, with an additional four titles taken outside the track. He was later a national team coach in swimming.

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