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Tor Helness (born 25 July 1957) [1] is a Norwegian professional bridge player. He was a stalwart on Norway junior and open teams for thirty years before moving to Monaco. Through 2012 he has won four world championships in teams-of-four competition. [2] As of October 2016 he ranks second among Open World Grand Masters and his regular partner Geir Helgemo ranks first. [3]


From 1979 to 1981, Helness represented Norway on both its junior and open teams. In 1980 the juniors were European champions (there was yet no world championship) and the open team reached the World Team Olympiad semifinal. For 25 years the open team regularly reached European semifinals, and it won world silver medals in 1993 and 2001. [2] [4] Norway finally won the world team championship in 2007, the biennial Bermuda Bowl, with a team of six including Helness–Helgemo as anchor pair. [5]

The couple Tor and Gunn Helness won the Mixed Pairs (an event without a world championship) at the 2005 European Open Championships. [6] At the inaugural, 2008 World Mind Sports Games in Beijing, Tor Helness won the Open Individual gold medal and Geir Helgemo won the silver. Norway's open team won the bronze. [2]

Emigration to Monaco

From 2011 Helness and his regular Norwegian partner Geir Helgemo are full-time members of a team led and paid by the Swiss real estate tycoon Pierre Zimmermann, under contract expiring 2016. The team finished third in the 2010 world championship, not yet full-time, and it will compete in the European Bridge League open championship this spring. From 2012 all six members will be subjects of the Prince of Monaco and the team will be a prohibitive favorite to represent Monaco internationally in bridge events. [7]

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Geir Helgemo

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The World Transnational Open Teams Championship is a major side event conducted by the World Bridge Federation during the semifinal and final stages of its world championships for national teams at contract bridge—the Bermuda Bowl, Venice Cup, and Senior Bowl. New teams may enter the Transnational, as well as national teams eliminated before the semifinals of the main events—Open, Women, and Seniors respectively. It is not required that all team members be from one country, hence the term transnational. A series of Swiss matches qualifies eight teams for three knockout rounds which conclude during the finals of the main events.

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This is a list of the top ten bridge players in the world according to the World Bridge Federation 'Open Ranking' by Master Points (MPs) as maintained by the World Bridge Federation. Master Points earned more than one year ago are reduced annually by 15%. The list also includes the player's lifetime accumulation of Placing Points (PPs). Accordingly, the table data is time sensitive and represents the standings based upon their recent performance as posted by the WBF on October 11, 2012. There has been no update as of March 14, 2014.

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