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The Toronto Police Services Board (TPSB) is the civilian oversight agency that oversees the Toronto Police Service. It was called the Metropolitan Toronto Police Services Board from 1990 until 1998. Previously, it was called the Metropolitan Toronto Police Commission (or Board of Police Commission) from 1955 until 1990, when the name of the board was changed as a result of amendments to the Police Services Act . [1] The board meets at least four times per year, as required by the Police Services Act. [2]


Board members

As set out by the Police Services Act, there are seven members on the board: three are appointed by the provincial government, one is the Mayor of Toronto (or a designate), two are members of Toronto City Council, and one is a citizen selected by Toronto City Council. The Police Services Act also stipulates that a judge, justice of the peace, police officer, or a person who practices criminal law as a defence counsel may not be a member of a police board.

As of June 2020, the board members are: [3]

NamePositionAppointed byJoined board
Jim Hart ChairToronto City CouncilSeptember 30, 2019
Marie MolinerVice-chairProvinceMarch 27, 2012
John Tory Mayor ex officio December 2, 2014
Uppala ChandrasekeraMemberProvinceSeptember 13, 2017
Michael Ford CouncillorToronto City CouncilDecember 4, 2018
Frances Nunziata CouncillorToronto City CouncilJune 29, 2018
Ainsworth M. MorganMemberProvinceJanuary 9, 2020


Metropolitan Toronto Police Commission

Metropolitan Toronto Police Services Board

Toronto Police Services Board

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