Triple Z (TV series)

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Triple Z
Written byThibaut Chatel, Franck Bertrand, Jacqueline Monsigny
Directed byThibaut Chatel
Country of origin France
Original languageFrench
No. of episodes52
ProducerAnimage Studios
Running time26 minutes
DistributorAB International Distribution
Original network Super RTL (German)
Nickelodeon (Mexico)
Canal J (France) (Former)
Original release1998 (1998) 
2000 (2000)

Triple Z is a French cartoon that aired during 1998 and 2000. It was rerun on an Italian channel in 2005. It was also aired on the German Super RTL channel in 2002. The show had around 52 episodes in total.


The show was produced by Animage Studios.


Through no fault of their own, Zero and Zanzibar, the Pompeii amphitheater's star gladiators, find themselves transported into the future onto a Hollywood lot right in the middle of the shoot of a Hercules movie. There, they meet Zazie and, with her, they become LA's hottest stunt team: the "Triple Z." In the air or full fathom deep, on land or on sea, heavy duty stuntmen Zazie, Zero and Zanzibar eschew no risk for the greater glory of the silver screen. Their names figure on the credits of every major blockbuster.


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