Tristar Productions

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Tristar Productions, Inc.
Industry Collectibles, Memorabilia
Founded Houston, Texas
United States (1987 (1987))
Headquarters Houston, Texas
United States
Area served
United States (services) Worldwide (products)
Key people
Jeffrey R. Rosenberg (President)
Products Autographed baseballs, Autographed football helmets, Autographed photographs, Trading cards
Services Advertising, Promotion

Tristar Productions, Inc. promotes sports collectible events, distributes autographed sports memorabilia, and manufactures and distributes trading cards. The company was founded in 1987, in Houston, Texas, by Jeffrey R. Rosenberg. [1] At Tristar's collectors shows, current and former sports players autograph memorabilia. The organization distributes trading cards for organizations including Minor League Baseball and Total Nonstop Action Wrestling.


The organization

Rosenberg promoted his first trade show in 1987, forming Tristar Productions, Inc. in the process. [1] Since then, Tristar has continued to promote events, and has produced and participated in the National Sports Collectors Convention. [2] [3] During events Tristar will host booths where current and retired Major League Baseball, National Basketball Association, National Football League players and professional wrestlers will hold autograph signings. [3] [4] The autographed sports memorabilia is also distributed outside of trade shows.

Tristar distributes autographed sports memorabilia, such as autographed baseballs, baseball bats, batting helmets, footballs, football helmets, jerseys and photographs. [3] [5] [6] They have run a Hidden Treasure promotion where consumers can purchase undisclosed autographed material, for a chance at rare and valuable autographed memorabilia, such as a Babe Ruth and Roger Maris autographed baseball. [7]

In August 2006, Tristar signed an exclusive agreement with Major League Baseball Properties to produce Minor League Baseball trading cards. The license granted Tristar exclusive rights to produce first year trading cards of drafted and undrafted amateur players selected from the Major League Baseball Draft. [8] Tristar has produced first year cards from 2006 to 2009, in a series called TriStar Prospects Plus. From that series, Tristar has also released autographed trading cards from 2006 to 2009, and memorabilia cards in 2006 and 2008. [9] In 2010, Tristar released a series of trading cards called Tristar Pursuit, along with autographed cards. [10]

In March 2008, Tristar acquired an exclusive license deal from Total Nonstop Action Wrestling to produce and distribute TNA trading cards and memorabilia. [11] Tristar has produced TNA cards, as well as TNA autographed and memorabilia cards, from 2008 to 2010.

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The Major League Baseball Authentication Program, or MLB Authentication Program, is a program run by Major League Baseball Properties, the product licensing arm of Major League Baseball, to guarantee the authenticity of baseball merchandise and memorabilia. The centerpiece of the system is a tamper-resistant security tape (sticker) with an embedded hologram. Each sticker carries a unique alphanumeric code. The sticker is affixed to all game-used merchandise and memorabilia, while information about the item is entered into a computer database. Between 500,000 and 600,000 items are authenticated each season.


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