Tropical Depression (EP)

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Tropical Depression
EP by Elephant Micah
Released February 2006
Genre Lo-fi
Label LRRC
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Tropical Depression
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Tropical Depression is a four-song EP released by Elephant Micah in February 2006 for his spring mini-tour. The CD was a limited edition of 100 (now sold out) that came in a numbered, potato-stamped sleeve.

Elephant Micah is a musical band or stage name of southern Indiana songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Joseph O'Connell. Recording mostly at home, O’Connell has produced an eclectic body of work since beginning the project in 2000. Elephant Micah’s inconsistently available music has become a cult favorite among some lo-fi/indie and folk rock audiences.

Track listing

  1. "Ways"
  2. "Old Globe/Gentle Riders"
  3. "Soberer"
  4. "Passage"