Trotsky Icepick

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Trotsky Icepick
Origin Los Angeles, United States
Genres Alternative rock, Post-Rock, Experimental Rock, Jazz-Fusion
Years active1983–1994, 2011, 2019, 2020
Labels SST, [1] Poison Summer Records
Past membersVitus Mataré (vocals, guitar) [2]
Kjehl Johansen (guitar) [2]
John Frank (drums) [2]
Tom Hofer (bass) [3]
Adam Marsland (guitar/keyboard) [3]
Jamie Lennon (keyboards)
John Rosewall (bass)
Jason Kahn (drums)
John Talley-Jones (vocals)
John 'Skippy' Glogovac (drums)
Hunter Crowley (drums)
Mike Patton (bass)

Trotsky Icepick is an American indie rock band, their name referring to Leon Trotsky and his assassination. Their active period was 1983 through 1994. [2] During that time they released six albums, all on SST Records. Members included alumni from LA indie groups, The Last, [3] Urinals (100 Flowers), [3] Middle Class and Leaving Trains. [4] [5]



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