Trouble Bound

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Trouble Bound
Trouble Bound (1993) Film Poster.jpg
Directed by Jeffrey Reiner
Written by Darrell Fetty
Francis Delia
Starring Patricia Arquette
Billy Bob Thornton
Michael Madsen
Sal Jenco
Release date
CountryUnited States

Trouble Bound is a 1993 crime comedy-drama film directed by Jeffrey Reiner and starring Patricia Arquette, Billy Bob Thornton, Michael Madsen, and Sal Jenco. The plot concerns an ex-convict who goes on the run with a woman (Patricia Arquette). Unbeknownst to the ex-convict and the woman, a dead body is in the trunk of the Lincoln in which they're riding. Meanwhile, a mafia kingpin's daughter is trying to kill the hitman who killed her father.




Trouble Bound received mixed review from film critics. On Rotten Tomatoes, the film is rated 46%, indicating marginally rotten reviews. [1]

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