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Trousdale County, Tennessee U.S. county in Tennessee

Trousdale County, also known as Hartsville/Trousdale County, is a county in the U.S. state of Tennessee. As of the 2010 census, the population was 7,870. Its county seat is Hartsville, with which it shares a uniquely formed consolidated city-county government. With an area of just 117 square miles (300 km2), it is Tennessee's smallest county.

Hartsville, Tennessee Consolidated city-county in Tennessee, United States

Hartsville is a town in Trousdale County, Tennessee, United States. It is the county seat of Trousdale County, with which it shares a consolidated city-county government. The population of Hartsville was 7,870 as of 2010.

William Cooper may refer to:

Middle Tennessee is one of the three Grand Divisions of the U.S. state of Tennessee that composes roughly the central portion of the state. It is delineated according to state law as 41 of the state's 95 counties. Middle Tennessee contains the state's capital and largest city, Nashville, as well as Clarksville, the state's fifth largest city, and Murfreesboro, the state's sixth largest city and largest suburb of Nashville. The Nashville metropolitan area, located entirely within the region, is the most populous metropolitan area in the state, and the Clarksville metropolitan area is the state's sixth most populous. Middle Tennessee is both the largest, in terms of land area, and the most populous of the state's three Grand Divisions.

Newton Cannon American politician

Newton Cannon was an American politician who served as Governor of Tennessee from 1835 to 1839. He also served several terms in the United States House of Representatives, from 1814 to 1817, and from 1819 to 1823. Cannon was a long-time foe of Andrew Jackson, and spent much of his political career opposing Jacksonite policies.

William Trousdale

William Trousdale was an American soldier and politician. He served as Governor of Tennessee from 1849 to 1851, and was United States Minister to Brazil from 1853 to 1857. He fought under Andrew Jackson in the Creek War, the War of 1812 and the Second Seminole War, and commanded the U.S. Fourteenth Infantry in the Mexican–American War. His military exploits earned him the nickname, "War Horse of Sumner County."

Neill S. Brown American politician and diplomat

Neill Smith Brown was an American politician and diplomat who served as Governor of Tennessee from 1847 to 1849, and as the United States Minister to Russia from 1850 to 1853. He also served several terms in the Tennessee House of Representatives, and was Speaker of the House for the 1855–1857 term. A lifelong Whig, Brown campaigned to keep Tennessee in the Union in the years leading up to the Civil War. However, once the war began, he sided with the Confederacy.

William B. Campbell

William Bowen Campbell was an American politician and soldier. He served as Governor of Tennessee from 1851 to 1853, and was the state's last Whig governor. He also served four terms in the United States House of Representatives, from 1837 to 1843, and from 1866 to 1867.

John Martin (Kansas politician)

John Martin was an American lawyer and politician from Hartsville, Tennessee. He represented Kansas in the United States Senate from 1893 until 1895.

Ron Ramsey

Ronald Lynn Ramsey is an American auctioneer, politician and lobbyist who served as the 49th Lieutenant Governor of Tennessee and Speaker of the State Senate from 2007 to 2017. A Republican from Blountville in East Tennessee, Ramsey succeeded long-term Democratic Lieutenant Governor John S. Wilder in 2007, who had held the office of Lieutenant Governor since 1971.

John Henry Bowen was an American politician who represented Tennessee in the United States House of Representatives.

William, Billy or Bill Stone may refer to:

Trousdale Place United States historic place

Trousdale Place is a historic mansion in Gallatin, Sumner County, Tennessee. It was the home of John H. Bowen, local attorney and member of the United States House of Representatives, and of governor of Tennessee William Trousdale.

William Carroll may refer to:

Paul Trousdale was an American real estate developer. He is best known for developing the Trousdale Estates in Beverly Hills, California. He built over 25,000 homes in Southern California.

Trousdale Estates

Trousdale Estates is a neighborhood of Beverly Hills, California, located in the foothills of the Santa Monica mountains. It was developed in the 1950s and 1960s and is named after Paul Trousdale, a real estate developer.

Beech Grove or Beechgrove, Tennessee may refer to:

James Trousdale was a Captain in the American Revolution and father of William Trousdale, Governor of Tennessee. He was the son of John and Elizabeth (Carraway) Trousdale, who were born in Ulster Province, Ireland. With his second wife and children, he accompanied his parents from Pennsylvania to Orange County, North Carolina, settling on the Haw River. Trousdale's first recorded grant of land was by the State, 200 acres on the waters of Haw Creek, south of Hawfields, 3 Sep 1779.

Trousdale-Baskerville House United States historic place

The Trousdale-Baskerville House, also known as Baskerville House and Maywood, is a historic house in Gallatin, Tennessee, U.S..