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Trunk Records
Founded1995 (1995)
Founder Jonny Trunk
GenreFilm scores, jazz, humor, music, art
Country of originUnited Kingdom
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Trunk Records is a British independent record label, which specialises mainly in lost film scores, unreleased TV music, library music, old advertising jingles, art, sexploitation and kitsch releases.


It was founded in 1995 by Jonny Trunk, and has since gained a cult following as a result of the releases of highly influential material from scores for films such as The Wicker Man , Deep Throat , Kes , The Blood on Satan's Claw and George A. Romero's Dawn of the Dead . [1]

Other releases include soundtracks for 1970s UK Television series such as The Tomorrow People , UFO and Vernon Elliott's score for Clangers and Ivor the Engine . As well as film music and jazz, the label has also brought to public attention the lost or unreleased works of electronic pioneers such as Tristram Cary and John Baker, artists such as Bruce Lacey and avant-garde recordings made both by and for children, including the work inspired by radical free thinker and educational pioneer John Paynter.


Trunk Records was founded by Jonny Trunk in 1995 in the United Kingdom. Initially, the label was set up as a means to release material from the Bosworth Library archive, the oldest existing music library. Since then, the label has adhered to its mantra of "Music, nostalgia and sex", and established itself as a label popular amongst film and TV fans as well as record collectors.

It has also become infamous for its records associated with the 1960s and 1970s soft pornography such as the soundtrack to Deep Throat , Flexi-Sex (a compilation of flexi-discs from 1970s British magazines), Mary Millington Talks Dirty and Dirty Fan Male, an album based on Jonny Trunk's own experiences organising various glamour models' fan clubs including that of his sister, Eve Vorley. [2]

As well as film music and jazz, the label has also brought to public attention the lost or unreleased works of electronic pioneers such as Tristram Cary, Edward Williams and BBC Radiophonic Workshop's John Baker.

Jonny Trunk has also released his own material through the label, including his album, The Inside Outside. Since 2003, Trunk has been responsible for the rediscovery of composer and jazz drummer Basil Kirchin, by releasing his unknown 1960s experimental jazz and soundtrack work. The label has also been responsible for issuing the UK's rarest jazz album, "Moonscape" by The Michael Garrick Trio. Recent work has included a release of "Noise Art", the recordings found in the studio of late British underground film maker and artist Jeff Keen.

Various Jonny Trunk side projects have included directing the now banned pop video, "Plug Me In", for Add N To (X).

Jonny Trunk is also a regular broadcaster on London's art radio station Resonance FM. Other recent broadcasting has included the BBC Radio 4 documentary Into The Music Library. [3]

"The Ladies' Bras", a single by Jonny Trunk and Wisbey, made number 70 on the UK Singles Chart in August 2007, and re-entered at number 27 in September 2007 after a campaign by Danny Baker and BBC Radio 1's Scott Mills. At 36 seconds long, it is the shortest track ever to chart in the top 30. [4]



BARKED 1P/1LPVariousThe Super Sounds of Bosworth
BARKED 2LP/2CDVariousThe Super Sounds of Bosworth, Volume Two
BARKED 3LP/3CDVariousThe Battle of Bosworth
BARKED 4P/4LP/4CD Paul Giovanni & Magnet The Wicker Man
JBH001 Syd Dale "Theme to Screen Test (Marching There and Back)"
SOUP 001LP/001CD Vernon Elliott Clangers : Original Television Music
TTT001 Jonny Trunk & Slide"The Snow It Melts The Soonest"
TTT002 Jonny Trunk "Sister Woo"/"Mr Hand"
KES001LP/001CDJohn Cameron Kes Original Soundtrack
B01 Mary Millington Mary Millington Talks Dirty
XXX1LP/1CDVarious Deep Throat Original Movie Soundtrack
SEC 001LP/001CDVariousResurrection: The Amplified Bible of Heavenly Grooves
WWW1/DFM001LP/001CD Trunk & Wisbey Dirty Fan Male [5]
TTT003/003CDTranscargoOh Boy
JBH002CD/002LPJohn Cameron Psychomania Original Soundtrack
JBH003CD Basil Kirchin Quantum
TTT004 Jonny Trunk "Dead Soon"
JBH005CD/005LP Basil Kirchin Charcoal Sketches/States of Mind
JBH008CD/008LP Jonny Trunk The Inside Outside
JBH010LPVarious UFO
JBH011CD/011LPVarious Dawn of the Dead: The Unreleased Incidental Music
JBH012CD/012LP Basil Kirchin Abstraction of the Industrial North
JBH014CD/014LP Desmond Leslie Music of the Future
JBH015CD Trunk & Wisbey Dirty Fan Male (New & Improved)
JBH016CD/016LP/PD Derek Griffiths & John Le Mesurier Bod: Words & Music
JBH017LP/017CD Delia Derbyshire, Dudley Simpson, Brian Hodgson & David Vorhaus The Tomorrow People Original Television Music
JBH018LP/018CDVarious Fuzzy Felt Folk
JBH019LP/019CD Mike Sammes & The Mike Sammes Singers Music for Biscuits
JBH020LP/020CD Sven Libaek Inner Space
JBH021LP/021CD Basil Kirchin Particles
JBH022LP/022CD Michael Garrick TrioMoonscape
JBH023LP/023CD Marc Wilkinson The Blood on Satan's Claw
JBH024CDVariousNow We Are Ten
JBH025CD/025LPJonathan Klein, Herbie Hancock, Thad Jones, Ron Carter and Grady TateHear O Israel
JBH026LPVariousMike Taylor Remembered
JBH027LP/027CD The Vernon Elliott Ensemble Ivor the Engine (with music from Pogles' Wood )
JBH028CD John Baker The John Baker Tapes Volume 1
JBH029CDJohn BakerThe John Baker Tapes Volume 2
JBH030LPJohn BakerThe John Baker Tapes
JBH031CDTed Taylor, Tubby Hayes and The Mike Sammes SingersHymns A' Swinging
JBH032LP/032CDVariousG-Spots. The electro jazz folk horror world of Studio G
TTT005 Tubby Hayes Voodoo Session
JBH033LP/033CD Jonny Trunk Scrap Book
JBH034LP/034CD Edward Williams Life on Earth - Music from the 1979 BBC TV series
JBH035LP/035CDTristram CareyIt's Time for Tristram Cary
JBH036LP/036CD Kenny Graham and His Satellites Moondog and Suncat Suites by Kenny Graham and His Satellites
JBH037CDLeona AndersonMusic to Suffer By (Remastered)
TTT006The JelliesJive Baby on a Saturday Night
JBH038CD/038LP Basil Kirchin Soundtrack to Primitive London / Freelance
RSD001LP Basil Kirchin Soundtrack to The Shuttered Room , one-off test pressing for Record Store Day
JBH039CD/039LP Barry Gray Stand By For Adverts
JBH040CD/040LPSandra CrossThe MMs Bar Recording
JBH041CD/041LP Michael Garrick and Shake Keane Rising Stars
OST001CDAdrian CorkerSoundtrack From Way Of The Morris
JBH042CD/042LP Rick Jones and Michale Jessett Fingerbobs
JBH043CD/043LP David Cain (composer) with the poetry of Ronald Duncan Radiophonic Workshop The Seasons
JBH044CD/044LPBob ChanceIt's Broken
JBH045CDRefined LardA Trunk Records Sampler
JBH047CD/047LP Jeff Keen Noise Art
JBH048CD/048LP Carl Orff and Gunild KeetmanMusic For Children
TTT007 10" Daphne Oram and Tom Dissevelt Electronic Sound Patterns and Electronic Movements
JBH049CD/049LPVariousClassroom Projects - Music Made By Children In Schools
JBH050CD/050LPPalmer RockeyRockey's Style Movie Album
JBH051CD/051LPKenny Graham The Small World of Sammy Lee OST
JBH052CD/052LPVarious ArtistsFunny Old Shit Volume One
JBH053CD/053LPBruce LaceyThe Spacey Bruce Lacey Volume One
JBH054LPBruce LaceyThe Spacey Bruce Lacey Volume Two
TTT008Delia Derbyshire And Anthony NewleyMoogies Bloogies

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