Truppach (Wiesent)

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Country Germany
State Bavaria
Physical characteristics
49°52′39″N11°20′05″E / 49.8774°N 11.3346°E / 49.8774; 11.3346 Coordinates: 49°52′39″N11°20′05″E / 49.8774°N 11.3346°E / 49.8774; 11.3346
Basin features
Progression WiesentRegnitzMainRhineNorth Sea

Truppach is a river of Bavaria, Germany. It is a left tributary of the Wiesent near Plankenfels. [1]

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Truppach (Mistelgau)

Truppach is a district of Mistelgau, a municipality in the district of Bayreuth in Bavaria in Germany.

Truppach may refer to:

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Ranna (Danube) River in Germany and Austria

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Steinbach is a river of Bavaria, Germany.

Sulzbach is a river of Bavaria, Germany. It is a left tributary of the Rott near Neuhaus am Inn.


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