Uganda Marathon

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Uganda Marathon
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Location Masaka, Uganda
Event typeTrail
Distance Marathon, Half Marathon, 10K
Established24 May 2015;4 years ago (2015-05-24) (As The Uganda International Marathon)
Course recordsMarathon
Men's: 02:31:55 (2018) Andrew Biegon

Women's: 03:50:05 (2016) Katie Sloane

Half Marathon
Men's: 01:09:59 (2017) John Katdega

Women's: 01:30:54 (2017) Amelia Beckstien


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The Uganda Marathon is a long-distance running event held in Masaka, Uganda. The event was first run on 24 May 2015 and has been held in the Summer of every year since. [1] the primary function of the marathon is to support community projects in the region surrounding the race.

The date of the next Uganda Marathon is Saturday 31 May 2020. [2]


Set over a challenging course around the town of Masaka, the event consists of three races, 42 km, 21 km, and 10 km distances. All races begin and end in the centre of the town at Liberation Square.

The Uganda Marathon is the largest sports fundraising event in Uganda, having raised over 2 billion Ugandan Shillings ($930,000). [3] It is unique in the way that it combines the race with tourism, attracting international runners across the world to experience the local area and the projects that the race supports for a week prior to the race.


Whilst not the first marathon event held in Uganda, The Uganda Marathon is the first of its name and the first long-distance running event held in Masaka. The MTN Kampala Marathon is held in the Ugandan capital each year.

The Uganda Marathon was founded in 2014 by 3 ex-City workers: Henry Blanchard, Andrew Miller & Nick Kershaw. After seeing the difference that can be made by linking people with the projects that they have fundraised for, they decided to quit their jobs and launch the event as a way to get people out to Uganda to see the impact they have made and run alongside the communities that they have helped [4]

The first Uganda Marathon was held on 24 May 2015, more than 1,000 took part, with over 60 flying in for a full week before. In its first year, the Marathon raised over 325 million Ugandan Shillings ($90,000). All of this money was donated to 9 local projects which ranged from working with elderly residents to help them obtain a sustainable income to a charity battling HIV, which in some areas of Uganda affects 40 per cent of people. [4] As at the end of the 2018 event, over 9,000 people have competed in the race since its inception - with a further over 325 experiencing the full week as well.

In 2016, The Uganda Marathon became the largest sports fundraising event in Uganda after raising 600 million Ugandan Shillings ($168,000). [5] It also was voted the "Best International Event" in the 2016 Running Awards, [6] and named one of the '9 Best Marathons in the World' by Red Bull. [7]


The inaugural 2015 Uganda Marathon had a little over 1,000 entrants. It has been held annually ever since.

The 2018 edition saw more than 3,000 runners involved. [8] The winners and winning times for each edition are:

42 km - Men's winners
2015Martin SsembulyaUganda02:46:22Course Record
2016Lubega RobertUganda02:44:00Course Record
2017Andrew KiplangKenya02:49:00
2018Andrew BiegonKenya02:31:55Course Record
42 km - Women's winners
2015Nikki CoxNew Zealand04:04:31Course Record
2016Katie SloaneUnited Kingdom03:50:05Course Record
2017Chloe MossUnited Kingdom04:11:33
2018Phyllis TsangUSA04:11:23Course Record
21 km - Men's winners
2015Rega RobertsUganda01:15:08Course Record
2016UnknownUganda01:11:20Course Record
2017John KatdegaUganda01:09:59Course Record
2018Bahati SadicUganda01:11:05
21 km - Women's winners
2016Mawa AndanartUgandaUnknown
2017Shila SainaKenya01:34:03Course Record
2018Amelia BeckstienGermany01:30:54Course Record
10 km - Men's winners
2016UnknownUganda00:32:57Course Record
2017UnknownKenya00:31:46Course Record
2018Brian AtegekaUganda00:33:22
10 km - Women's winners
2016Sheila SainaKenyaUnknown
2017SomnaUganda00:42:47Course Record
2018Elizabeth TeehanUSA00:47:36

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