Ukhta State Technical University

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Ukhta State Technical University
Ухтинский государственный технический университет
Rector Dmitry Anatolyevich Belyaev [1]
Postgraduates 500
Pervomayskay street 13, Ukhta, Russia.
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63°33′24″N53°41′37″E / 63.5566776°N 53.6936572°E / 63.5566776; 53.6936572 Coordinates: 63°33′24″N53°41′37″E / 63.5566776°N 53.6936572°E / 63.5566776; 53.6936572

Ukhta State Technical University is a unique representative of Russian oil and gas universities and one of the largest technical higher education institutions of the European North of Russia. The University was founded on the basis of the Ukhta Industrial Institute (the Institute was founded in 1967). By this time, more than 25000 engineers and economists had graduated in oil, geology, building, and timber industry majors. After the successful attestation on April 14, 1999, the Institute was granted a status of a State Technical University.



Ukhta State Technical University has a campus with over 7,000 undergraduate and graduate students living in its buildings. University campus consists of:


Programs of higher education

Academic year

The academic year is divided into two semesters. The first semester usually runs from September to December, the second from February to June, with breaks in early January for Christmas holidays and a summer holiday running throughout July and August.

Student life

USTU students participate in various areas of extracurricular activities. These are social, political, and cultural and educational projects. [5]

Student organizations

The Ukhta University has got several KVN teams, which compete between each other. But sometimes KVN teams come to Ukhta from different town of the Komi Republic to take part in the KVN competition.

Arts and culture activities

International relations

The university has a number of relationships with schools all over the world. It has set up several projects in cooperation with schools abroad such as University of Nordland, Oulu University of Applied Sciences, Freiberg University of Mining and Technology, University of Tromsø, Riga Technical University, Univerzitet u Novom Sadu, Duquesne University, Technical University of Ostrava and other. It is a member of the University of the Arctic network. [6]


There are 2 branches of the USTU in the Komi Republic.

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