Undermind (TV series)

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Undermind (1965) title card.png
Directed byBill Bain
Laurence Bourne
Peter Dews
Patrick Dromgoole
Raymond Menmuir
Peter Potter
Starring Jeremy Wilkin
Rosemary Nicols
Denis Quilley
John Barron
Theme music composerPaul Lewis
Country of origin United Kingdom
Original languageEnglish
No. of series1
No. of episodes11
Camera setup Multiple-camera setup
Running time60 minutes
50 minutes
(excluding advertisements)
Original network ITV
Picture format 405-line Black & White
Audio format Mono
Original release1965 (1965)

Undermind is a science fiction television drama produced by ABC Weekend Television in 1965. It ran for eleven episodes of sixty minutes each. It starred Jeremy Wilkin, Rosemary Nicols and Denis Quilley.


The series was devised by Shoestring and Bergerac creator Robert Banks Stewart, who also went on to write for Doctor Who. Several other writers known for their work on Who also contributed scripts: David Whitaker, Bill Strutton and Robert Holmes.


Personnel Officer Drew Heriot returns to the United Kingdom after working in Australia to discover his brother, Police Detective Frank Heriot, behaving oddly, to the distress of his sister-in-law Anne. Investigating together, they discover that a disembodied alien force is using high frequency signals to brainwash people—including Drew's brother—into committing subversive acts as a prelude to a full-scale invasion. Together, Drew and Anne battle to stop the acts of sabotage while trying to alert Britain to the danger...

Recurring cast


The series was not networked. ABC debuted the series on its Midlands and North franchise on Saturday May 8, 1965. The eleven episodes ran through to July 17. One week later ATV London began screenings. Strangely, ATV played episode 9 out of order, as the 4th episode in its sequence and only showed 10 episodes in all , declining to show "Song of Death".


1"Instance One" aka "Onset of Fear"
2"Flowers of Havoc"
3"The New Dimension"
4"Death in England"
5"Too Many Enemies"
6"Intent to Destroy"
7"Song of Death"
8"Puppets of Evil"
9"Test for the Future"
10"Waves of Sound"
11"End Signal"


The series was released on DVD by Network on 23 July 2012. [1]

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