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Origin San Diego, California, United States
Genres Metalcore, hardcore punk
Years active1999–present
Labels Kung Fu, Uprising
Associated acts
Past members
  • Matty O'Connell
  • Chris Copley
  • Joe Mullen
  • Wade Youman
  • Richie Ochoa
  • Christopher Swinney
  • Mike Fuentes

Underminded is an American hardcore punk band from San Diego, California, United States. The band is currently[ when? ] taking a break as its members concentrate on side projects. Frontman Nick Martin was in Destroy Rebuild Until God Shows, and is currently[ when? ] in Sleeping With Sirens, and drummer Tanner Wayne is currently the drummer for In Flames.



Band members Nick Martin and Matt Johnson met while classmates at a Catholic school, and formed the band together in 1999. [1] They were encouraged to tour by Buck-O-Nine singer Jon Pebsworth very early in their career. [2] Their debut album, Hail Unamerican, appeared in 2004. [3] [4] Following the release of the album, the band played the entire 2004 Warped Tour. [5] A follow-up album, Eleven Eleven, was planned for release in 2006 [6] but was actually issued in 2007. [7] [8] Paul Miner produced the album. [9] The group toured with Chiodos, Scary Kids Scaring Kids, Emery, and The Devil Wears Prada following the release of the album. [10]

Lead singer Nick Martin was part of the live back banding for Chiodos lead singer Craig Owens, as well as a part of the super-group Isles & Glaciers and he played guitar in the defunct Cinematic Sunrise. He did two guest spots for Chiodos last record, as well as toured with them for the Vans Warped Tour 2009. He was the first of two guitarists announced for Craig Owens' new band. [11] The name of Owens' band is D.R.U.G.S.

Tanner Wayne acted as fill-in drummer for Scary Kids Scaring Kids as well as Underoath during the Vans Warped Tour 2009. He was recently playing drums for Chiodos.

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