Universal War One

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Universal War One
Cover to Universal War One #1,
Marvel Publishing with Soleil Productions, circa 2008.
Publication information
Publisher Marvel Comics & Soleil Productions
Format Limited series
Publication dateSeptember 2008 – Junet 2009
No. of issues6
Main character(s)June Williamson, Commander
Kate Von Richtburg
John "Balti" Baltimore
Paulo "Mario" Del Gado
Amina El Moudden
Edward "Ed" Kalish
Milorad Racunicsa
Creative team
Written by Denis Bajram
Artist(s) Denis Bajram
Letterer(s) Joe Caramagna
Colorist(s) Denis Bajram
Editor(s)For Soleil, Olivier Jalabert and Jean Wacquet. For Marvel, Joe Quesada and Jeff Youngquist
Collected editions
Universal War One ISBN   0-7851-3238-4
Universal War One: Revelations ISBN   0-7851-3239-2

Universal War One is a six-part French comic book limited series written, penciled, and inked by Denis Bajram. The series was initially published in France by Soleil Productions from 1998 to 2006. Due to its popularity, it was later translated and released in English by Marvel Comics. The genre is military science fiction, and the series deals with such ideas as time dilation and time travel. Following the comics standards in France and Belgium, each of the six parts of the story has an approximately 50 pages length, making the whole story longer than usual limited series. The first issue of a follow-up series Universal War Two was released in French on 25 September 2013.


Plot summary

The series begins at the onset of a civil war between the United Earth Forces (UEF) and the Colonization Industrial Companies (CIC), which comprises the various outposts and colonies beginning at the planet Saturn and beyond. [1] The civil war begins when it is discovered that an immense black wall appears near Saturn, cutting the solar system in two. The black wall absorbs all light and matter. Enormous, incomprehensible and terrifying, "the wall" is centered on Uranus's moon Oberon, cutting off access to any planet beyond Saturn. Admiral Von Richtburg discovers that the CIC was attempting to begin a civil war, and orders the Purgatory Squadron, a band of soldiers given a second chance after courts-martial, to investigate the phenomenon known as "the wall". [1]

After the Purgatory Squadron devises a method of breaching and investigating the wall, they are fired upon by a vessel of unknown design. [1] Admiral von Richtburg orders his UEF 3rd Fleet into the wall, and thus begins the First Universal War.

Main characters

Purgatory Squadron

The Purgatory Squadron is composed of members who face Court Martial for various infractions ranging from rape, to insubordination (Resulting in Death) and assault. Each member is assigned (or sentenced) to the squadron as a last chance to prove themselves effective officers of the UEF (United Earth Forces). The ranks of some of the characters is not stated in the series.

Members of Purgatory Squadron:

Other characters


The original Universal War One series was divided up into two sets of three issues by Marvel: Universal War One, collecting issues #1-#3, with the remaining three issues published under the title Universal War One: Revelations.

Universal War One:

Universal War One: Revelations (Universal War One issues #4-#6):

Universal War Two

Collected editions

The two series have been collected into individual volumes:

In October 2015 Titan Comics released the hardcover collected edition of Universal War One (288 pages, Titan Comics, hardcover, October 2015, ISBN   1-7827-6238-8) [4]


A live action film has been announced with a reported budget of 40 million dollars. [5]


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