Val d'Illiez

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The Val d'Illiez is a valley in the Canton of Valais, Switzerland. It separates the northern foothills of the Chablais Alps from the Dents du Midi.

Starting from Monthey, the valley splits at Troistorrents:

Panorama viewing down Val d'Illiez to Monthey, with Hauts-Forts at left and Dents Blanches at right.jpg
Panoramic view down Val d'Illiez towards Monthey. Hauts-Forts are at left, and Dents du Midi and Dents Blanches are at right.


Coordinates: 46°12′N6°54′E / 46.200°N 6.900°E / 46.200; 6.900

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Valais Canton of Switzerland

Valais, sometimes Wallis, more formally the Canton of Valais, is one of the 26 cantons forming the Swiss Confederation. It is composed of thirteen districts and its capital and largest city is Sion. The flag of the canton is made of thirteen stars representing the districts, on a white-red background.

Portes du Soleil

Les Portes du Soleil is a major skisports destination in the Alps, encompassing thirteen resorts between Mont Blanc in France and Lake Geneva in Switzerland. With more than 650 km of marked pistes and about 200 lifts in total, spread over 14 valleys and about 1,036 square kilometres (400 sq mi), Portes du Soleil ranks among the two largest ski areas in the world. Almost all of the pistes are connected by lifts – a few marginal towns can be reached only by the free bus services in the area. The highest altitude accessible on skis is 2260m and the lowest is 930m. As with many other Alpine ski resorts, the lower slopes of the Portes du Soleil have snow-making facilities to extend the ski season by keeping the lower slopes open during the warmer months.

Municipalities of the canton of Valais

There are 126 municipalities in the canton of Valais, Switzerland.

Troistorrents Municipality in Switzerland in Valais

Troistorrents is a municipality in the district of Monthey in the canton of Valais in Switzerland.

Dents du Midi Mountain in Switzerland

The Dents du Midi are a three-kilometre-long mountain range in the Chablais Alps in the canton of Valais, Switzerland. Overlooking the Val d'Illiez and the Rhône valley to the south, they face the Lac de Salanfe, an artificial reservoir, and are part of the geological ensemble of the Giffre massif. Their seven peaks are, from north-east to south-west: the Cime de l'Est, the Forteresse, the Cathédrale, the Éperon, the Dent Jaune, the Doigts and the Haute Cime. They are mainly composed of limestone rock, with gritty limestone rock in the upper parts.

Champéry Municipality in Switzerland in Valais

Champéry is a municipality in the district of Monthey in the canton of Valais in Switzerland.

Val-dIlliez Municipality in Switzerland in Valais

Val-d'Illiez is a municipality in the district of Monthey in the canton of Valais in Switzerland.

Pas de Morgins

Pas de Morgins is a high mountain pass in the Alps between the canton of Valais in Switzerland and France. It is located at the top of the Val de Morgins, which turns off the Val d'Illiez at Troistorrents.

La Chavanette

Le Pas de Chavanette, also known as the "Mur Suisse" or "Swiss Wall", is a particularly steep and difficult piste in the Portes du Soleil ski area, on the border between France and Switzerland. It can be reached from the French resort of Avoriaz and from the Swiss towns of Les Crosets and Champéry. Effectively, one starts the run standing on the Swiss-French border, plunging down the Swiss side of the mountain towards Les Crosets.

Aigle–Ollon–Monthey–Champéry railway

The Aigle–Ollon–Monthey–Champéry railway is a metre-gauge railway operating in the Chablais region of Switzerland. It was created in 1946 by the amalgamation of the Aigle–Ollon–Monthey Railway (AOM) and the Monthey–Champéry–Morgins Railway (MCM). Today its starting point is two newly built bay (terminal) platforms at the main line station at Aigle, adjacent to the line of the SBB-CFF-FFS. From there it serves the towns suggested by its title.

The Monthey-Champéry-Morgins railway (MCM) was a railway company in the Chablais region of Switzerland which was formed to construct a metre gauge line linking Monthey with Champéry and a branch line from the village of d’Illiez to Morgins.

The Monthey–Champéry–Morgins railway was a metre gauge railway operating in the Chablais region of Switzerland.

Val dAnniviers

The val d'Anniviers is a Swiss Alpine valley, situated in the district of Sierre in Valais, which extends south of the Rhône Valley, on the northern slopes of the Pennine Alps. The valley was home to six municipalities: Ayer, Chandolin, Grimentz, Saint-Jean, Saint-Luc, Vissoie, Vercorin and Zinal. The citizens of those municipalities agreed on November 26, 2006, to merge into one, which was named Anniviers. The merger took place in January 2009.

Chablais Alps Mountain range of the western Alps

The Chablais Alps are a mountain range in the western Alps. They are situated between Lake Geneva and the Mont Blanc Massif. The Col des Montets separates them from the Mont Blanc Massif in the south, and the Rhône valley separates them from the Bernese Alps in the east.

Pointe de Bellevue

The Pointe de Bellevue is a mountain in the Chablais Alps, overlooking Monthey in Valais. It is located in the northern foothills, which are separated from the Dents du Midi by the Val d'Illiez and Pas de Morgins

Morgins Swiss village

Morgins is a village in the municipality of Troistorrents in the district of Monthey in the canton of Valais in southern Switzerland.

Val Badia

The Val Badia is the valley of the Gran Ega river in South Tyrol, Italy. It stretches from the Sella massif northwards to the Puster Valley. The villages in the Val Badia, whose population are predominantly Ladin-speaking, belong to the following municipalities: Badia, Corvara, La Val, Mareo and San Martin de Tor.


Champoussin is a village in the Swiss Alps, located in the canton of Valais. The village is situated in the western part of the canton, near Champéry, in the municipality of Val-d'Illiez.

Col de Cou

The Col de Cou is a high mountain pass of the Alps, located on the border between Switzerland and France. It connects Champéry in the Swiss canton of Valais to Morzine in the French department of Haute-Savoie. It is the lowest border crossing between the Pas de Morgins and the Dents du Midi.

Val Minor

Val Minor is a valley in the municipal area of Pontresina, north of the Bernina Pass in Graubünden canton, Switzerland. The valley is at an elevation of around 2,400 m (7,900 ft). The valley entrance lies between the Piz Lagalb and Piz Alv. Val Minor is flanked by Piz Alv and Piz Minor on the right and Piz Lagalb on the left. At the end of the valley is the mountain lake Lej Minor. At present, it is accessible on foot or by bicycle.