Warsaw Pakt

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Warsaw Pakt
Origin Ladbroke Grove, London, United Kingdom
Genres Punk rock
Years active1977–1978
Labels Island
Past members
  • Jimmy Coull
  • Lucas Fox
  • Andy Colquhoun
  • John Manly
  • Chris Underhill
  • Wolfgang Marlander

Warsaw Pakt was a short-lived punk group which were active in the years of 1977-78, [1] though some of its members had heritages linking them to the 1960s underground. This was apparent in their sound, which was a sophisticated punk thrash with plenty of energy but also more structure than some contemporaries.


Drummer Lucas Fox had been in the first incarnation of Motörhead with Larry Wallis of the legendary Pink Fairies, while Colquhoun's other work includes spells in The Deviants and Pink Fairies reunions. Also Mick Farren from The Deviants wrote 4 songs for them, 3 of them were on album and one on single; Safe And Warm, Believe Me Honey, Nose Bleed and Fast Eddie. Song 'Fast Eddie' was re-recorded in 1978 for Mick Farren's solo album 'Vampires Stole My Lunch Money' too, on which Andy Colquhoun play bass guitar and sing back vocals.

Their claim to fame is to have recorded an album (Needle Time) that was in the shops 24 hours after the first note was recorded (viz the session ended at 10 p.m. on Saturday 26 November 1977 and the album was ready to be sold by 7a.m. on Sunday 27 November 1977.). The band was trying to make a point about technology in doing this, and the album sleeve was a 12" square brown bag with stickers and rubber stamping to display the band name and album title.

After Warsaw Pakt, guitarist Andy Colquhoun joined Brian James' Tanz Der Youth, subsequently moved on to the band The Pink Fairies, and then a band with ex-MC5 guitarist Wayne Kramer.

When Needle Time was deleted by Island Records within a week of release (after reputedly selling 5,000 copies), the band released a few out-takes under the title "See You In Court" before evaporating.

Also released a 7" Single on Island, Safe and Warm.

The seminal post-punk band Joy Division (at one time called Warsaw), changed its name to the former in late 1977 for fear of being confused with Warsaw Pakt.

Needle Time

1."It's Not True" Pete Townshend 1:49
2."Even Money"Andy Colquhoun, John Manly1:58
3."Fruit Machine"Colquhoun, Day1:52
4."Dogfight"Colquhoun, Day2:30
5."Fast Eddie"Colquhoun, Mick Farren 2:55
6."Sick & Tired"Colquhoun, Day2:34
7."Nose Bleed"Colquhoun, Farren1:46
8."Steppin' Outa Line"Colquhoun, Day2:38
9."Believe Me Honey"Colquhoun, Manly2:32
10."Lorraine"Colquhoun, Day, Manly2:21
11."Safe And Warm"Colquhoun, Farren3:08
12."Speeding"Colquhoun, Day2:00


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