Wavell Starr

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Wavell Starr
Born (1974-09-29) September 29, 1974 (age 43)
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada
Residence Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada
Website Starr.org
Professional wrestling career
Ring name(s) Wavell Starr
Sitar Singh
Standing Thunder
Billed height 6 ft 0 in (1.83 m) [1]
Billed weight 236 lb (107 kg) [1]
Trained by The Hart Brothers School
Don Callis
Ohio Valley Wrestling
Debut 2002

Wavell Starr (born September 29, 1974) is a Canadian independent professional wrestler, who has worked for a number of independent Professional wrestling promotions including Ohio Valley Wrestling (OVW) and High Impact Wrestling Canada (HIW) where he won his first Championship in professional wrestling. During his tenure with OVW, he appeared in several dark matches for World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) and even appeared on WWE Heat . He also worked as a masked character in High Impact Wrestling Canada as Sitar Singh.

Professional wrestling entertainment form that mimics contact sports

Professional wrestling is a form of performance art and entertainment that combines athletics with theatrical performance. It takes the form of events, held by touring companies, that mimic a title-match combat sport. The unique form of sport portrayed is fundamentally based on classical and "catch" wrestling, with modern additions of striking attacks, strength-based holds and throws and acrobatic maneuvers. Much of these derive from the influence of various international martial arts. An additional aspect of combat with improvised weaponry is sometimes included to varying degrees.

A professional wrestling promotion is a company or business that regularly performs shows involving professional wrestling. "Promotion" also describes a role which entails management, advertising and logistics of running a wrestling event. Within the convention of the show, the company is a sports governing body which sanctions wrestling matches and gives authority to the championships and is responsible for determining the divisions, rankings, etc. of wrestlers. In truth, the company serves as a touring theatre troupe, as well as event promotion body for its own events.

Ohio Valley Wrestling company

Ohio Valley Wrestling (OVW) is an American independent professional wrestling promotion based in Louisville, Kentucky. It was initially a member promotion of the National Wrestling Alliance (NWA) from its inception in 1993 until 2000, when it became the primary developmental territory for the World Wrestling Federation. It remained in this role from 2000 until 2008. The promotion was unaffiliated from February 7, 2008 until November 2011, and is currently run by Al Snow, who took over from founder and former owner Nightmare Danny Davis.


Professional wrestling career

Starr was part of the tag team The Indian Outlaws with The Dream Warrior. They had a feud with Assault and Battery (Massive Damage and Chi Chi Cruz). [1] Starr cites Cruz as influential in the development of his villainous character. [1] His trademark catchphrase "Remember, nobody stretches beaver like an Indian." [1]

Tag team team of multiple wrestlers

Tag team wrestling is a type of professional wrestling in which matches are contested between teams of multiple wrestlers. A tag team may be made up of wrestlers who normally wrestle in singles competition, but more commonly are made of established teams who wrestle regularly as a unit and have a team name and identity.

Feud (professional wrestling) staged rivalry between wrestlers in professional wrestling

In professional wrestling, a feud is a staged rivalry between multiple wrestlers or groups of wrestlers. They are integrated into ongoing storylines, particularly in events which are televised. Feuds may last for months or even years or be resolved with implausible speed, perhaps during the course of a single match. WWE's terminology discouraged the use of the term along with the word "war".

Corey Peloquin is a Canadian professional wrestler who is known for working the independent promotions such as Extreme Canadian Championship Wrestling, Real Action Wrestling, Atlantic Grand Prix Wrestling, IWA-Mid South, All-Star Wrestling, and United States Wrestling Association as Chi Chi Cruz. Cruz worked in such countries as Germany and South Africa in addition to Canada and United States. He is also the cousin of wrestler Fred "Puppy Dog" Peloquin.

In February 2002, he had a try-out match with Ohio Valley Wrestling. [1] He was invited to train there but was not offered a contract. [1]

In September 2012, he signed a non-exclusive contract with Real Canadian Wrestling. On January 24, 2014; Starr lost the RCW Canadian Heavyweight Championship to Chris Masters.

Chris Masters American professional wrestler

Christopher Todd Mordetzky is an American professional wrestler. He is known for his work with WWE under the ring name Chris Masters. He is also known for his work in Impact Wrestling under the ring name Chris Adonis.

On August 7, 2014, Starr won the 19th annual 30-man Pile O' Bones Rumble match at High Impact Wrestling Canada's "Pile O' Bones Rumble XIX. He also went on to win the King's Challenge V tournament to win the vacant Central Canadian Heavyweight championship. Starr's reign lasted four months before being defeated by Robbie Gamble alongside Bobby Sharp for the title at Spring MELTDOWN 2015 before 700 fans. The match would mark Starr's final appearance with the company.

High Impact Wrestling Canada

High Impact Wrestling Canada (HIW) is a professional wrestling promotion, based in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada. Known for its hard hitting "Saskatchewan Style", the HIW roster consists of nearly 40 regular performers. On January 1, 2018, the company celebrated its 20-year anniversary. This anniversary makes High Impact Wrestling one of the oldest continuously active pro-wrestling companies currently running in Canada. HIW partnered with Access 7, a TV station in Regina, SK, in January 2014 to begin producing a weekly TV show which airs every Tuesday night at 8pm. The Access television program has aired for 5 consecutive seasons.

Robert Sharp is an active Canadian professional wrestler, better known by his ring name "Lion Warrior" Bobby Sharp. He is currently working for numerous companies across Canada including Atlantic Grand Prix Wrestling, High Impact Wrestling Canada, Monster Pro Wrestling, and Real Canadian Wrestling. Sharp is a Cauliflower Alley Club Future Legend award winner and a Canadian National Wrestling Association (CNWA) National Champion (2012).

Personal life

Starr is of Aboriginal heritage. [1] [2] Between 1991 to 1995, Starr played tight end and linebacker for the Regina Rams of the Prairie Football Conference. [2] To supplement his income while working as a wrestler, he also works with the Star Blanket First Nation Band. [1]

Indigenous peoples Ethnic group descended from and identified with the original inhabitants of a given region

Indigenous peoples, also known as first peoples, aboriginal peoples or native peoples, are ethnic groups who are the original settlers of a given region, in contrast to groups that have settled, occupied or colonized the area more recently. Groups are usually described as indigenous when they maintain traditions or other aspects of an early culture that is associated with a given region. Not all indigenous peoples share this characteristic, as many have adopted substantial elements of a colonizing culture, such as dress, religion or language. Indigenous peoples may be settled in a given region (sedentary) or exhibit a nomadic lifestyle across a large territory, but they are generally historically associated with a specific territory on which they depend. Indigenous societies are found in every inhabited climate zone and continent of the world.

Regina Rams

The Regina Rams represent the University of Regina, located in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada, in U Sports football played under Canadian rules. The Rams nickname is used by the university's football team only; all other teams at the school are named Regina Cougars. The Rams joined U Sports in 1999 and have competed in the Canada West Conference since then.

Championships and accomplishments


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