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Wax Tadpole Records was a label created by the members of L7 in 1997. Wax Tadpole Records was created under Bong Load Records. The band created the label after being dropped by their previous record label, Reprise Records. L7 released their 1999 studio album, Slap-Happy, through this record label. [1] The title of the label, "Wax Tadpole" was taken from L7's first song off their debut album, L7, "Bite The Wax Tadpole". [2] It is not certain whether any other artist were signed onto the label.

L7 (band) Band

L7 is an American punk rock band from Los Angeles, California, first active from 1985 to 2001 and reformed since 2014. Due to their sound and image, they are often associated with the grunge movement of the late 1980s and early 1990s,.

Bong Load Records is an independent record label originally based in Los Angeles which was started by Tom Rothrock and founded by producers Tom Rothrock, Rob Schnapf and partner Bradshaw Lambert.

Reprise Records American record label

Reprise Records is an American record label founded in 1960 by Frank Sinatra. It is owned by Warner Music Group, and operates through Warner Bros. Records, one of its flagship labels.

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KMFDM German industrial band

KMFDM is a German industrial band from Hamburg led by multi-instrumentalist Sascha Konietzko, who founded the group in 1984 as a performance art project.

Wax (rock band)

Wax was an American punk rock band from Los Angeles, California. Wax emerged during the pop punk resurgence of the early 1990s, and includes Joe Sib, Tom "Soda" Gardocki, Dave Georgeff, and Loomis Fall. The band is best known for their MTV buzz clip video "California", directed by Spike Jonze.

Fu Manchu (band) Southern Californian stoner rock band

Fu Manchu is an American stoner rock band formed in Southern California in 1985.


Dieselhed was a San Francisco-based band, originally from Arcata, California.

WTII Records is an independent record label created in 2001 by former WaxTrax! Records employee Bart Pfanenstiel, and David Schock.

Nightmares on Wax British DJ

George Evelyn, better known by his stage name Nightmares on Wax or DJ E.A.S.E., is a DJ and electronic music composer from Leeds, England. His music is released on Warp Records and was one of the first releases on the label.

Tom Rothrock musician

Tom Rothrock is an American musician, composer, record producer and owner of Bong Load Records. Tom Rothrock has worked with James Blunt, Foo Fighters, Moby, Beck, Badly Drawn Boy, R. L. Burnside, Athlete, Sloan, Gwen Stefani, Motörhead, Elbow, Stevie Nicks, Poison, Elliott Smith, Richard Thompson, Yonder Mountain String Band. Rothrock has also composed or contributed to soundtracks for notable motion pictures such as About A Boy, Good Will Hunting, Collateral and The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie.

<i>Mock Tudor</i> (album) 1999 studio album by Richard Thompson

Mock Tudor is the ninth studio album by Richard Thompson. Released in 1999, it was his final album released by Capitol Records.

Andrea Parker is a British electronic music producer, record label proprietor and DJ from Pembury, Kent. Despite having a background in cello playing, Parker was heavily influenced by electronic pioneers such as Art Of Noise and Jean Michel Jarre. She formed the group Inky Blacknuss with producers Alex Knight and Ian Tregoning in 1993 for Andrew Weatherall's Sabrettes label, before signing to hip hop label Mo' Wax for her solo output, releasing her debut album Kiss My Arp in 1999. Electronic music producer David Morley was an important part of her musical output as co-writer and almost all her studio work took place in his studio in Germany.

<i>Slap-Happy</i> 1999 studio album by L7

Slap-Happy is the sixth studio album by the American rock band L7. It was released on August 24, 1999 by Bong Load Records in collaboration with Wax Tadpole Records, an independent record label that the band formed after being dropped by Reprise Records in 1997. L7 recorded the album as a trio formed by founding members Donita Sparks and Suzi Gardner, and longtime drummer Demetra Plakas, following the departure of bassist Gail Greenwood. It was made with a low budget and produced by the band and their friend Brian Haught.

Marys Danish

Mary's Danish was an alternative rock band that was formed in Los Angeles, California in the late 1980s which released four albums, with the last in 1992. Mary's Danish blended a musical mixture of rock, funk, country and soul elements.

Jeepster (song) single by T. Rex

"Jeepster" is a song by English glam rock act T. Rex. It was released on 5 November 1971 by record label Fly as a single from the group's sixth studio album Electric Warrior. The B-side, "Life's a Gas", is taken from the same album. Several artists have recorded cover versions of it. Both of the single's tracks were written by Marc Bolan and produced by Tony Visconti.

Jean-Christophe Le Saoût, better known by the stage name Wax Tailor, is a French trip hop/hip hop producer. He has released six studio albums collaborating with a great number of artists.

Slap-a-Ham Records

Slap a Ham Records was an independent label from San Francisco owned and operated by Chris Dodge, bassist of the band Spazz as well as others. The label is generally seen as a highly influential entity within the hardcore punk scene in California during the 1980s and 1990s, for the label issued releases by groups such as Crossed Out, Man Is the Bastard, Capitalist Casualties, among others. It is also considered to have played an important role in the development of powerviolence, a dissonant style of hardcore that is similar to grindcore and thrashcore. The label also issued early releases by well-known groups such as the Melvins and Eyehategod. The label lasted for about 13 years, officially shutting down in 2002. According to Dodge, this was due because of the September 11 attacks; "After the attacks, everyone stopped spending money" and as a result, Slap a Ham faced stagnate commerce, causing Dodge to go into debt.

<i>Whirlaway</i> (album) 1999 studio album by Tadpoles

Whirlaway (1999) is the fourth and final full-length studio album released on CD by Tadpoles and is the first Tadpoles' album to be released by a label other than the band's own Bakery Records. Australian independent label, Camera Obscura Records, licensed and released the album worldwide. As a promotion in 1999, an edited MP3 version of the song "Whirlaway" was given away free from by Camera Obscura Records through their website. Additionally, this was the first studio album by Tadpoles not produced by Mark Kramer at Noise New Jersey, although Mark Kramer did record the album's final track, Horse and Buggy at New York City's Knitting Factory. The album was recorded by Pete Drivere at Ampreon Recorder in Youngstown, Ohio and features a cover version of Bob Dylan's Basement Tapes classic, You Ain't Goin' Nowhere.

Dom Kennedy American rapper

Dominic Ross Hunn, better known by his stage name Dom Kennedy, is an American rapper from Leimert Park, Los Angeles, California. Since 2008, Kennedy has released 5 independent mixtapes, most notably his 2010 "critically acclaimed mixtape" From the Westside with Love. His first commercial studio album From the Westside with Love II was released on iTunes June 28, 2011. Despite it being his iTunes debut, FTWSWL2 received "a top 10 spot on Hip Hop/Rap albums chart during its release week" and was Kennedy's first album associated with The OpM Company, Kennedy's self-established record label. His song "My Type of Party" was ranked by Complex at #43 in the magazine's Best 50 Songs of 2012 list.


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