Wolf Larson

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Wolf Larson
Born (1959-12-22) December 22, 1959 (age 63)
West Berlin, West Germany
Alma mater Queen's University at Kingston, University of Nevada, Las Vegas (MBA) [1]
Years active1985–2006
Carolyn J. Larson
(m. 1998)

Wolf Larson (born on December 22, 1959) is a German-Canadian former actor, screenwriter, and producer.



Larson was born in West Germany to Gunther and Ingeborg, [1] he has a younger sister. In his teens he worked as a waiter at the Chippendales nightclub.



1987 Hard Ticket to Hawaii J.J. Jackson
1988 Picasso Trigger Jimmy-John [2]
1990 Mad About YouJeff Clark
1995 Tracks of a KillerPatrick Hausman
1996 Hostile ForceTony Reineke
Expect No Mercy Warbeck
1999 Crash and Byrnes Jack "Crash" Rileyalso screenplay [3]
2000 CastlerockCade
2001 The EliteGriffin
Just Can't Get Enoughexecutive producer only
2002 ShakedownAgent Alec "Mac" MacKay


1991-1994 Tarzán Tarzan [4]
1996 Tarzan: The Legacy of Edgar Rice BurroughsHimselfTV special
1998 C-Pop Max "Jet" EaseTV movie
Storm Chasers: Revenge of the TwisterWill StantonTV movie
1999 L.A. Heat Detective Chester "Chase" McDonald
2001 Avalanche Alley AlexTV movie
2004 She Spies Justin Decker
Creating America's Next Hit Television ShowWalter Montgomery #3

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