Zuwara Stadium

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Zuwara Stadium is a multi-purpose stadium in Zuwara, Libya. It is currently used mostly for football matches and is the home ground of Aljazeera Sports Club. The stadium holds 2,000 people. [1]

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The Zenati languages are a branch of the Northern Berber language family of North Africa. They were named after the medieval Zenata Berber tribal confederation. They were first proposed in the works of French linguist Edmond Destaing (1915) (1920–23). Zenata dialects are distributed across the central Maghreb, from northeastern Morocco to just west of Algiers, and the northern Sahara, from southwestern Algeria around Bechar to Zuwara in Libya. In much of this range, they are limited to discontinuous pockets in a predominantly Arabic-speaking landscape. The most widely spoken Zenati languages are Riffian in northeastern Morocco and Shawiya in eastern Algeria, each of which have over 2 million speakers.

Zuwarah City in Tripolitania, Libya

Zuwarah, or Zuwara or Zwara is a coastal Berber-speaking city in Libya.

Aljazeera SC

Aljazeera Zuwara is a Libyan football club based in Zuwara, Libya. They play their home games at Zuwara Stadium.

The 2008–09 Libyan Premier League season was the forty-first edition of the competition since its establishment in 1963. Al Ittihad were the defending champions, having won their fourteenth Libyan Premier League title with just one round of matches to spare in the previous season. The campaign began on Friday October 17, 2008, delayed due to Libya's World Cup qualifiers, and, depending on the Libyan Cup, is scheduled to finish on June 26, 2009. A total of 16 teams contested the league, including 13 who competed in the previous season and three promoted from the Libyan Second Division.

The 2008-09 Libyan Trophy, known as the Libyana Cup for sponsorship reasons, will be contested between the sixteen sides currently playing the 2008-09 Libyan Premier League. It is the second edition of the competition.

Libyan Cup 2008-09 - First Round

Al Mustaqbal is a football club from Jumayl, near Zuwara, in the west of Libya. It most recently competed in the Libyan Premier League in the 2005–06 season.

Zuwara Berber

Zuwara Berber or Twillult language (also: Zuara, Zwara, is a Berber dialect, one of the Berber Zenati languages. It is spoken in Zuwara city, located on the coast of western Tripolitania in northwestern Libya.

Jumayl, Libya Town in Nuqat al Khams, Libya

Jumayl is a town in central Nuqat al Khams District of western Libya. It is located about 10 kilometres (6 mi) southwest of the port of Zuwara. As of 2010, Jumayl had an estimated population of 102,000.

East Zenati languages

The East Zenati languages or Tunisian and Zuwara are a group of the Zenati Berber dialects spoken in Tunisia and Libya.

Gaddafi loyalism continuing loyalty or sympathetic sentiment toward former Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi

Gaddafi loyalism refers to sympathetic sentiment towards the overthrown government of Muammar Gaddafi, who was killed in October 2011. It has been responsible for some of the ongoing violence in Libya, though the degree of its involvement has been disputed in a number of instances.


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The Cultural Revolution in Libya was a period of political and social change in Libya. It started with Gaddafi's declaration of a cultural revolution during a speech in Zuwara on 15 April 1973. This came after increasing tensions between Gaddafi and his colleagues in the Revolutionary Command Council (RCC) had led him to agree to step down. Gaddafi had told the RCC that he would announce his resignation to the people at the Zuwara speech, but he instead surprised them with his declaration of the Cultural Revolution. By the end of the Cultural Revolution period, Gaddafi was the uncontested leader of Libya.

Vincenzo Garioni Kingdom of Italy politician

Vincenzo Garioni was an Italian general. He was the governor of Tripolitania (1913-1914), and later had become the governor of both of Tripolitania and Cyrenaica.

The following lists events that happened in 1973 in Libya.

The 2008 Kufra conflict was an armed conflict in the Kufra region of Libya, between the pro-Toubou Toubou Front for the Salvation of Libya (TFSL) faction, and the Libyan Government. The conflict started in early November 2008 when the Libyan Government stripped ethnic Toubous of their citizenship, claiming that their leaders had sided with their rival Chad. The clashes began when TFSL set a local government's office on fire. Following the incident the government dispatched army units and helicopters to the region, putting Kufra under siege. The clashes stopped in mid-November when both parties agreed to a cease-fire. On 20 November 2008, a Toubou tribal meeting with Libyan officials was held in Kufra to end the conflict, the conflict led to the deaths of 11 to 30 people, with over a hundred being wounded.

Libu Party

The Libu Party also known as Libya The Nation Party, is a Libyan political party founded in 2017 by the former World Amazigh Congress president Fathi Ben Khalifa. The main headquarters of the party is in the coastal city of Zuwara with other branches in Tripoli, Ubari and other cities.

Regdalin is a city in Nuqat al Khams district near the Mediterranean coast of Northwestern Libya, 10 km southwest of the district capital Zuwara and 111 km west of Tripoli.

Jerzy Słaboszowski also sometimes written as Jerzy Słaboszewski was a football player and manager. During his playing career Słaboszowski played for Mieszko Piast Cieszyn, Cracovia, Legia Warsaw, Lublinianka, and Warszawianka. His greatest spell coming with Legia, winning the Polish Cup in 1955 and the league in the same year. During his coaching career he managed Lechia Gdańsk, finishing runners up in the league, also managing Arka Gdynia, Stilon Gorzów Wielkopolski and Olimpia Elbląg. Słaboszowski was the first Polish manager to manage in both Libya and the United Arab Emirates, managing both Al Jazeera Zuwara and Al Ahli Dubai, the latter with whom he won the 1975–76 United Arab Emirates league.