A Climate for Killing

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A Climate for Killing
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Directed by J. S. Cardone
Produced byCarol Kottenbrook
Written byJ.S. Cardone
Starring John Beck
Katharine Ross
Steven Bauer
Music by Robert Folk
CinematographyMichael Cardone
Black Crow Productions
Propaganda Films
Release date
18 July 1991

A Climate for Killing (also known as A Row of Crows) is a 1991 American thriller-drama film written and directed by J. S. Cardone and starring John Beck, Katharine Ross, Steven Bauer and Mia Sara. [1] [2]



Before a rodeo in Yuma, a woman's body is found, presumed murdered by her wealthy husband sixteen years earlier, but the body's much fresher than that.


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