True Blue (2001 film)

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True Blue
True Blue 2001.jpg
Directed by J.S. Cardone
Produced byScott Einbinder
Carol Kottenbrook
Written byJ.S. Cardone
Starring Tom Berenger
Lori Heuring
Pamela Gidley
Music by Tim Jones
CinematographyDarko Suvak
Edited byMatthew Ramsey
Sandstorm Films
Release date
29 November 2001
Running time
101 minutes
CountryUnited States
Budget$1.5 million

True Blue is a 2001 American crime thriller film written and directed by J.S. Cardone and starring Tom Berenger, Lori Heuring, and Pamela Gidley.


Plot summary

New York Police Officer Rembrandt "Remy" Macy (Berenger) investigates a murder which began by the discovery of a disembodied hand. After the victim is identified, the victim's ex-flatmate Nikki (Heuring) becomes scared that she may be in danger and stays at Macy's place until they can get to the bottom of the situation. After accidentally seeing her near-naked, he finds himself starting to become attracted to her and she is able to seduce him. As he investigates clue after clue, he finds out that a large conspiracy is in play involving some of the most powerful leaders in New York City, Chinese Triads and possibly Nikki herself.

Principal cast

Tom Berenger Rembrandt Macy
Lori Heuring Nikki
Pamela Gidley Beck
Barry Newman Monty
Leo LeeBenny Lee
Joshua PeaceOren Doba
Alec McClureBouton
Pedro Miguel Arce Bounce

Critical reception

David Nussair of Reel Film Reviews gave the film 1/2 stars out of four:

J.S. Cardone read my mind and decided to make a movie I would absolutely hate (mission accomplished, Cardo!)... There's a lot going on in True Blue, but nearly all of it sucks. There's certainly nothing interesting about this storyline, which the various Law and Order shows have dealt with at one time or another... To add insult to injury, the conclusion is far more ludicrous than anything that's come before it, with Berenger double-crossed by virtually every character that was supposedly on his side. True Blue may hold some interest for Berenger completists, but really, you'd be far better off watching Shoot to Kill again. [1]

Mitch Lovell of The Video Vacuum:

True Blue is a by the book detective flick; no more, no less... It starts off OK enough I guess, but the ending is thoroughly ridiculous as the movie piles on twist after twist in its last reel. For a flick so light on plot to begin with, the ending is especially discombobulating as person after person appear out of the shadows to sinisterly tell Berenger how and why they’re connected to the plot. [2]

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