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The A.G. Hunter Cup is a competition in Harness racing. It is contested over 3,000 metres at Tabcorp Park in Melbourne, VIC. It is one of the world's richest handicap standing start events, currently worth A$425,000. The race was formerly staged at Moonee Valley before Victoria's new home of harness racing was opened at Tabcorp Park, Melton.


Recent Winners

Mile Rate
20212760mLochinvar ArtDavid MoranDavid Moran1:54.8
20202760mKing of Swing (NZ)C A CrossG E Hall Jnr1:55.4
20192760mTiger Tara (NZ)K J PizzutoT P McCarthy1:53.2
20182760m Lazarus (NZ) Mark Purdon Mark Purdon 1:54.1
20173280mBling It OnJ P McCarthyLuke McCarthy1:55.1
20163280mSmolda Mark Purdon Mark Purdon 1:57.3
20153280m Arden Rooney (NZ)Kerryn ManningKerryn Manning1:58.4
20143280mChristen Me (NZ)Cran DalgetyDexter Dunn1:59.2
20133280mMah Sish (NZ)Tim Butt Anthony Butt 1:59.2
20123280mChoise Achiever (NZ)Tim Butt Anthony Butt 1:59.9
20113280mStunnin Cullen (NZ)Tim Butt Anthony Butt 2:01.1
20103065mBondy (NZ)David ButtDavid Butt2:01.7
20093065m Mr Feelgood (USA)Tim ButtAnthony Butt1:59.3
20083065m Blacks A Fake Natalie RasmussenNatalie Rasmussen1:58.9
20073065mSting Lika BeeBrian TuddenhamChris Alford2:00.6
20063050mAbout To RockAndy GathKate Thompson (now Gath)2:03.0
20053050m Elsu(NZ)Geoff SmallDavid Butcher2:01.9

Previous winners

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