A Storm of Light

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A Storm of Light
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A Storm of Light in 2014
Background information
Origin Brooklyn, New York, U.S.
Genres Post-metal, heavy metal, doom metal
Years active2008–present
Labels Neurot, RoboticEmpire
Associated acts Tribes of Neurot
Red Sparowes
Blood and Time
Battle of Mice
Website www.astormoflight.com
Members Josh Graham
Domenic Seita
Billy Graves

A Storm of Light is an American heavy metal band from New York City, formed in 2008.


They have been categorized as post-rock, post-metal, doom metal, sludge metal and hard rock, but have moved toward a darker and heavier metal sound. [1] Rock-A-Rolla magazine's review of Nations to Flames states: "In upping the aggression, intensity and songwriting ability, they are once again overshadowing what's gone before and giving new reasons to appreciate a band that are already becoming one of the most crucial heavy acts around." [2]


A Storm of Light was founded in 2008 by bassist Domenic Seita and vocalist/guitarist/keyboardist Josh Graham. [3] Graham is a former member of the post-rock outfit Red Sparowes, songwriter in Battle of Mice, and a longtime visual artist in residence with Neurosis (2000–2012) and Soundgarden (since 2010). [4] From 2011, drummer Billy Graves has completed the permanent lineup.

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