Armada (album)

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Studio album by
Released3 April 2006
Recorded2005 - 2006
Genre Black metal
Label Tabu
Producer Obsidian C., Rune Stavnesli
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Armada is the third studio album by the Norwegian black metal band Keep of Kalessin. The album was originally released under Tabu Records, however a 2 vinyl set of the album was released on Back On Black. The release features the return of drummer Vyl, and new bassist Wizziac and vocalist Thebon.


Track listing

2."Crown of the Kings "7:11
3."The Black Uncharted"6:52
4."Vengeance Rising"5:01
5."Many are We"4:52
6."Winged Watcher"3:53
7."Into the Fire "4:10
9."The Wealth of Darkness"6:26
Total length:53:46


  1. ^ Music videos for the songs Crown of the Kings and Into the Fire were made.
  2. ^ The outro is not featured on the actual album, but was made download able from the official forum here .
  3. All Songs Written By Obsidian C. (music) and Torsten Parelius (lyrics).



Keep of Kalessin

Additional personnel

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