Agnen: A Journey Through the Dark

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Agnen: A Journey Through the Dark
Agnen A Journey Through the Dark.jpg
Studio album by
Brygga studio, Trondheim
Genre Black metal
Label Avantgarde Music
Producer Self-released
Keep of Kalessin chronology
Through Times of War
Agnen: A Journey Through the Dark

Agnen: A Journey Through the Dark is Keep of Kalessin's second album.


Avantgarde Music, the record label, mixed the running order of the tracks 1, 4 and 6 on the album (the rest is correct). There are two different versions of this album, with different running orders. The first edition has track 1 Pain Humanised, track 4 Dryland and track 6 Dragonlord. The second edition (this version is as the band intended it) has track 1 Dryland, track 4 Dragonlord and track 6 Pain Humanised.

Both of these are different from what it says on the back of the CD-case. On the back of the CD-case, the running order is as the track listing shows below.

Track listing

2."As Mist Lay Silent Beneath"5:38
3."I Deny"5:03
4."Pain Humanised"4:31
5."Orb of Man"5:49
7."Towards I Roam"7:17
Total length:50:51


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