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Bernard Edwin Doxat-Pratt (born 1886 in London) [1] [2] was a British film director who worked for Anglo-Hollandia and Granger-Binger. [2]



Doxat-Pratt served with the Royal Air Force during World War I. He moved to Haarlem in 1920 with his second wife and three children. He divorced in 1929, and was never heard of again, apart from a chance encounter with Norman, his son, in 1940. [2]

His wife Ethel [3] and children Betty, [4] Jack [5] and Norman [6] appeared in several of his films. [2]


YearOriginal titleEnglish titleRole
1919Het verborgen leven Hidden Lives advisor
1919 Zonnetje director
1920De heldendaad van Peter Wells The Little Hour of Peter Wells director
1920De vrouw van den minister John Heriot's Wife director, writer
1920Hard tegen hard The Skin Game director, writer
1920Wat eeuwig blijft Fate's Plaything actor, director
1920Zooals ik ben As God Made Her director, writer
1920Zuster Brown Sister Brown director
1921Een lach en een traan Laughter and Tears (Circus Jim)director
1921Onder spiritistischen dwang The Other Person director
1922 Bulldog Drummond writer
1922De Jantjes The Bluejackets director
1927 My Lord The Chauffeur director

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