Bad Reputation (Dirty White Boy album)

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Bad Reputation
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Studio album by
Genre Glam metal, hard rock
Label Polydor
Producer Beau Hill

Bad Reputation is the name of the 1990 glam metal album by the band Dirty White Boy. It was the only album released by the band and spawned two singles "Let's Spend Momma's Money" and "Lazy Crazy" although due to the changing music scene shortly thereafter to grunge neither were successful. The album was produced by Beau Hill and released on the Polydor label. It is known that the band were unhappy with the sound of the final product and this could be another reason they decided to split.


Track listing

  1. "Bad Reputation"
  2. "Lazy Crazy"
  3. "Let's Spend Momma's Money"
  4. You Give Me Love"
  5. "Dead Cat Alley"
  6. "Hammer On the Heart"
  7. "Hard Times"
  8. "Soul of a Loaded Gun"
  9. "One Good Reason"
  10. "Badlands"


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