Badavara Bandhu

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Badavara Bandhu
Directed by Vijay
Screenplay byShankar-Sundar
Produced byN. Ramaswamy
Edited byP. Bhakhavatsalam
Music by M. Ranga Rao
Distributed byCNR Shakthi Productions
Release date
  • 1976 (1976)
Running time
143 minutes

Badavara Bandhu is a 1976 Indian Kannada language drama film directed by Vijay. It stars Rajkumar and Jayamala. The movie is also notable for the negative character played by K. S. Ashwath.The movie saw a theatrical run of 25 weeks and was declared a Blockbuster at the box office. [1]



Despite being a B. A. graduate, Ranga(Rajkumar) is forced to work as a server in Annapoorna Hotel run by Badrinath(K. S. Ashwath) due to poverty. His father(Sampath) who suffers from Hemiparesis was once a rich man and lived a luxurious life until he was cheated by a shrewd Nagappa(Balakrishna).

Ranga is loved by everyone in the hotel. He comes across different types of people in his daily life. He rescues Susheela(Jayamala) from committing suicide and gives her a new reason to live. He reforms an alcoholic Chaayapathi and mediates all the problems involving the workers. However, his moralities and sincerity gets him into the bad books of Badrinath and his son Gopinath(Vajramuni). Ranga sends a telegram to Susheela's father who happens to be the same Nagappa who cheated Ranga's father. It is revealed that Susheela left her house since her father forcibly married a young girl, Radha, who happened to be Susheela's friend. She refuses to accompany him despite his pleas. He soon gets into an accident involving Gopinath but keeps mum upon knowing that he is the son of his old confidante Badrinath. With his help, he manipulates Susheela into accompanying him to Badri's house.

In a flashback it is revealed that Ranga aka Ranganatha is in fact the eldest son of Badri who was adapted by Ranga's foster father at a very young age. He also provided enough money for looking after the other two children. It was the time when Badri was poor and didn't want his children to die of starvation. However, this news doesn't go well with his sick wife Annapoorna who dies soon. Badri blames himself for her death and vows to find his son.

Meanwhile, Nagappa and Badri decides to conduct the marriage of Gopi and Susheela. They soon dìscovers that Susheela and Ranga are in love with each other. When he refuses to forget her, Badri plots against him. However, the plan fails and a fake godman is exposed by Ranga further elevating his position among the workers and customers. The cold war between Badri and Ranga reaches its peak when the latter spearheads a Satyagraha against Badri for refusing to raise the salary of workers. Nagappa asks Badri to give some money to Ranga's father so as to make him convince Ranga to leave the city. At this juncture Badri discovers that Ranga was his long lost son after meeting Ranga's father. He has a change of heart and goes in search of him.

Gopi who is infuriated by the turn of events kidnaps Ranga's father and threatens to kill him unless Ranga signs the necessary documents to quit his job and leave the city. However, Ranga manages to overpower the goons hired by Gopi and rescue his father. Gopi decides to kill him but is stopped by Badri at the last moment who unburdens the truth. The family unites and Ranga and Gopi embrace each other. Later, Badri declares to raise the wages of the workers who in turn praises Ranga.



The music of the film was composed by M. Ranga Rao, with lyrics for the soundtrack penned by Chi. Udaya Shankar.

Track list

1"Naga Beda Naga Beda" P. B. Sreenivas
2"Ninna Kangala Bisiya Hanigalu" Rajkumar
3"Ninna Nudiyu Honna Nudiyu"Rajkumar
4"Naidhileyu Hunnimeya" P. Susheela

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