Naa Ninna Bidalaare

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Naa Ninna Bidalaare
Naa Ninna Bidalaare.jpg
VCD cover
Directed by Vijay
Screenplay byM. D. Sundar
Story byM. D. Sundar
Produced byC. Jayaram
Starring Anant Nag
CinematographyS. V. Srikanth
Edited byP. Bhaktavatsalam
Music by Rajan–Nagendra
Chamundeshwari Studio
Distributed byGurujyothi Combines
Release date
  • 1979 (1979)

Naa Ninna Bidalaare (transl.I won't leave you) is a 1979 Indian Kannada-language horror film [1] directed by Vijay and produced by C. Jayaram. The film stars Anant Nag and Lakshmi. The film was remade in Hindi as Mangalsutra, with Anant Nag reprising his role while Rekha appeared in the role played by Lakshmi. Na Ninna Bidalaare is regarded as one of best horror films of all time in the Kannada film industry. Na Ninna Bidalaare is the first movie where Anant Nag and Lakshmi acted together, later the pair become one of the finest onscreen couples in Indian cinema.



Krishna (Anant Nag) gets possessed by the ghost of his ex-lover Kamini (K. Vijaya) whose love he had refused. The rest of the film revolves around Krishnav's wife Gayatri's (Lakshmi) efforts to save her husband from danger.



Naa Ninna Bidalaare
Soundtrack album by
Released1979 (1979)
Language Kannada
Label Saregama
Rajan–Nagendra chronology
Singaporenalli Raja Kulla
Naa Ninna Bidalaare
Putani Agent 123

The music of the film was composed by the duo Rajan–Nagendra, with lyrics penned by Chi. Udaya Shankar.

Track list


1"Bidenu Ninna Paada" S. Janaki
2"Endendigoo Naa Ninna" P. Susheela
3"Naanu Neenu Ondada" S. P. Balasubrahmanyam, S. Janaki
4"Hosa Balige Nee Joteyaade"S. P. Balasubrahmanyam, S. Janaki


Na Ninna Bidalaare ran for 100 days at many centres across the Karnataka and it became one of the highest grossing Kannada films of the year 1979.


Filmfare Award for Best Actor Kannada (1979) – Anant Nag for "Na Ninna Bidalaare"

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Durga Prabha, known by her stage name, Hema Chaudhary is an Indian actress who has predominantly acted in Kannada, Telugu, Malayalam and Tamil films. Starting her career as a lead actress in the Telugu film Pelli Kani Pelli in 1976, she switched over to supporting roles in the 1980s.


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