Big Big Train discography

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Big Big Train discography
Studio albums14
Live albums4
Compilation albums2
Video albums1
Demo albums2

This is the discography of the English progressive rock band, Big Big Train . To date, the band have released thirteen studio albums, two demos, three EPs, and three live albums.


Studio albums

1994 Goodbye to the Age of Steam [lower-alpha 1]
1997 English Boy Wonders [lower-alpha 2]
2002 Bard
2004 Gathering Speed [lower-alpha 3]
2007 The Difference Machine [lower-alpha 4]
2009 The Underfall Yard [lower-alpha 5]
2012 English Electric Part One
2013 English Electric Part Two
2016 Folklore [1]
2017 Grimspound
2017 The Second Brightest Star
2019 Grand Tour
2021Common Ground
2022Welcome To The Planet

Live albums

2016From Stone and Steel (Live from Real World studios 2014)Live
2016 A Stone's Throw From the Line (Live from King's Place 2015)Live
2018 Merchants of Light Live
2020 Empire Live

Compilation albums

2013 English Electric: Full Power [lower-alpha 6] Compilation
2020 Summer's Lease Compilation


2016Stone & Steel
2019Reflectors of Light

Demo albums and EPs

1991 From the River to the Sea
1993 The Infant Hercules
2010 Far Skies Deep Time (EP) [lower-alpha 7]
2013 Make Some Noise (EP) [lower-alpha 8]
2015 Wassail (EP)
2017 London Song (EP)
2017Merry Christmas (EP)
2018 Swan Hunter (EP)

'Stay Tuned' Single Series

2021The Connection Plan
2021Made in Sunshine


  1. Remasted/Reissued with expanded track list/new artwork: 2011
  2. Partially Re-recorded/Remixed/Reissued: 2008
  3. Remastered/Reissued with additional artwork/lyrics: 2009
  4. Reissued with additional track: 2010
  5. Reissued: 2011
  6. Combines Part One and Part Two with additional tracks.
  7. Reissued with alternate track listing: 2011
  8. Includes the additional tracks from English Electric Full Power

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